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  2. I am not opposed to this idea, i am just ignorant on the matter of couples therapy. I will look into this, thank you.

  3. To be fair fuckbuddy and fwb are not the same thing. A fuckbuddy is truly just for that and fwb are actually friends who sleep together occasionally when neither are attached. I have a fwb but we are friends first and foremost. The benefits are just a bonus when we're single.

    He was broken up with her so he can be upset over that all he wants but they were split. Also most people who break up and get back together don't tend to last. They broke up for a reason and unless things were worked on and addressed this reasons don't go away.

    Some exes actually stay friends just because they were bad as romantic partners but not as friends. Can't say that ever happened to me but plenty of people do.

    Ultimately he gets to decide what he's comfortable with and she gets to decide if she want to give up her friendship with the fwb. Neither is right or wrong. More than likely they won't be able to be on the same page and then they'll just have to break up.

  4. Grow up.

    Your thinking that you can’t be happy and celebrate because they are.

    Multiple things can happen in the world at once.

    You sound like a little kid who is upset over them finding happiness.

    You decided NOT to tell others you were engaged, and now your pissed because your dad told you that he’s engaged.

    That’s on you!!!

    Everything is your relationship , with your boyfriend , has been kept a secret from others and now your acting pissy.

    Here’s what you do, tell your dad and family you are engaged.

    Congratulate him and tell him that all of this is an incredible coincidence and that you are grateful that both of you have found someone to love.

  5. You’re worried he’ll call your bluff. That’s your answer. It’s not an ultimatum if you have no intention of following through. Do you really want someone that you have to bully or threaten into a relationship?

  6. OP, there have been several posts this year where the male partner asked, the woman declined, the man said, totally fine, I love you! But the woman couldn’t ever see him the same way and was seriously thinking of breaking up. So it’s a big risk. Better to talk as if your work colleague is doing that (act surprised rather than interested), and seeing what reaction she has.

  7. Just tell him you don't have any complaints and there's more than just physical size to intimacy

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