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Hunter Maverick, 33 y.o.

Location: Colorado, United States

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Date: September 26, 2022

7 thoughts on “Hunter Maverick the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Yeah that’s a big no from me.

    I can understand the effects of being in an abusive relationship, but that’s the kind of thing she should have worked on before looking for a new relationship, let alone deciding to get married. The fact this other guy still has some sort of hold on her, to the point she needs to tell you this, is something that would be difficult for me to get over and would make me question her commitment.

    Since you’re married, it’s tough to say what you should do, but this is definitely something she needs to work on in order to one day convince you it’s no longer a problem.

  2. I’m doing it for me and my relationship. I was seriously about to end things with him because I was so focused on trying to please his friends which is stupid. I’m not dating them.

  3. Yeah until he's done with school probably. She's supporting him while he gets a degree, but she's the one that's not driven or knows what she wants in life.

  4. No. You’re not destined to choose. Always choose happiness. You sound more productive and a more well rounded person due to reducing hours, so stick with it. You can 100% find a likeminded partner, whether it’s this one or another.

  5. If it’s a dealbreaker for him to take a break after finishing 15+ years of school then maybe he’s better off lmfao

  6. Do. Not. Seek. Any. Validation. From. That. Scum.

    Seriously…all the outside confirmation you need to feel confident should come from your husband. You have a husband who loves you, children, a life. Don’t rock that boat. Get yourself into therapy to work out why you’re still hung up on this.

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