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  1. Subconscious events don't present in the normal ways, sometimes they don't become obvious until a trigger event. It's not to say that's exactly what's going on. Just something to ponder about.

    Something a therapist suggested to me might help. Get a piece of paper or a notebook. Empty your mind but the question you look to answer, in your case you could try, “Is there something I'm feeling that is preventing me from engaging in sexual relations?” Use your non dominant hand, it doesn't matter how it looks, that's not the point. Let it free flow. Just write what feels right. A picture. A word. A sentence. Let it move naturally. Try a few times in a comfortable and safe space, wherever that is.

    See what comes out and reflect on how it made you feel to write it. You never know what might come up. Maybe nothing. Maybe everything you want to know.

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  3. Your fault for never having the standard to begin with. Every girls I have slept with, I told them to always clean their kitties and butth0les especially after they pooped. Now, if the girls haven't pooped, Natural odor is fine. Again, your fault for not having the standards. Tell her the dam truth.

  4. This is a weird gap in terms of age but also life experience and maturity.

    It doesn't say good things that someone whose brain hasn't finished developing and won't for years is the person who appeals to you enough to pursue.

    Time for a hard look at yourself and your choices. Do better.

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