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  1. Well, it really is a “trust her or don't” situation, however, I would trust her.

    If she didn't stammer or seem to be lying, theres no real issue.

    Teen-agers make weird ass bets all the time, jit just seems like a happy memory she made with her friend and given she was fine to throw them out after you asked, it doesn't seem like she had any connection to them besides for “haha it would be funny to see how many hoodies I can get”

    Which to be fair sounds kind of mean, I highly highly doubt he had any serious romantic or sexual relations with those men, so it's not like she screwed 50 guys.

    Mountains out of molehills, but if that's a mountain you won't climb, it's best to get out early.

  2. lol sounds like he isn't quite ready to come out of the closet yet, would rather poke holes and see out when he thinks no one's looking.

  3. I have multiple times. It always ends up with her response being “I don't have time”, which I think upsets me even more. It doesn't seem to matter what I do to help her make time by helping out, but she will also always make time for anything the kids need, regardless of how meaningless it is (almost to the point where I think the kids are actually being spoilt)

  4. my partner is trying so hard to find a way for me to get away for a weekend because he said I deserve it – it just isn’t affordable for me.

    this made me realize I’m really lucky.

    I wish I had advice or ideas. my go to in your position would be to people please and stop doing it.

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