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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. I would just let it go. 8 months is long enough that you deserved a better break up than this, but not so long that you should allow it to be a huge stopping point in your life if it didn't work out. My guess with you being out of town is that he got jealous and paranoid, and probably decided in his own mind you falling asleep instead of answering meant something more was going on than actually was.

    I might, if it were me, send a parting note that says “Going to block you now so you don't have another paranoid delusional fit and message me with more vague and baseless accusations. You really need some therapy before you date again because your insecurities are on a hair trigger and you're not going to be able to make anything work with anyone if you self-destruct every time someone falls asleep before sending you a “good night”. Good luck- you're going to need it.” and then block him on everything. Make sure you change the locks for good measure, too.

  2. I wonder if he is taking payment from these men. It is definitely an abusive relationship and you are not 'dirty and gross'

    You can break up now. Speak to a domestic and/or sexual abuse specialist organisation.

    I'm so sorry this manipulative abusive man is in your life. You know it's wrong, your body is telling you to run – so now is the time

  3. Run! You’ve dated 2 months & she wants to save her money for your babies? She wants to move in together? Please. She just wants to get married. She’s not over her ex, and staying with her will bring you only misery. She wants a lot more than is reasonable.

  4. Wife duties may be a poor term for what I mean. I just mean, to me, more sharing goes into marriage. Shared finances for one. So when I say wife duties I’m referring to that difference between girl friend and wife. I hire a cleaner to come 2x a month and child care we will get a live in nanny ideally due to our work schedules. We have spoken about marriage and kids and want to get married, he just doesn’t want to propose yet. We are both working our dream jobs and for us to reach our goals this is what we have to do. We love it even if we’re exhausted.

  5. You're very welcome

    and… I will be the first to admit that sometimes a soft ultimatum is all that's left, but phrased as an “I” statement rather than a “you need to ___”

    For example, “I feel unloved and unwanted and I can't continue in the relationship if that doesn't start to change”

  6. There is no reason to yell indeed. You're right. That's why, if I notice an arguement is getting to me, I step out.

    I don't want to lose her, but the revelation feels like it took the ground from under me. It feels like she rocked the fundation of our relationship. I recognize it took huge balls to tell me this, probably bigger than mine, but it really blindsided me and got me paniced.

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