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  1. your wife needs to get out of the house and volunteer or work. She needs to do something for for other people every day, and that will make her feel better about herself.

  2. Your best friend's girlfriend took the picture of you two together. She was there when it happened. If she broke up with your best friend over this, then this was clearly not “innocent”.

    You cheated. Alcohol may have contributed, but you bear the blame.

    Try to be better in your next relationship.

  3. I'm not being defensive or implying that she's wrong, like I said if I was unsure about the number of children before, I am more sure now that I see what it is like to take care of 1 kid. After having the 1 kid, we talked and I was definitely less sure about having the second one and in the next months the decision became more sure.

    She does hate it when I change my mind though, where I see that as my right to change my mind when new information comes in that makes me question my earlier decisions.

  4. not exhibiting it in front of the family

    I hide a lot of my sensory issues from my blood family, you can only be mocked for things so many times before you give up and shut up.

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