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  1. I understand she is legally entitled, I just wonder why the fuck she's playing these games knowing this would be horrible for both of us. There is a $750 lease buyout option, but I doubt she would consider doing that. And if she would, I would prefer to just stay by myself to begin with.

  2. That’s what I was thinking, and I also feel like that many kids already plus another infant is a LOT of work for his mom. I’m also a firm believer that even if you love someone if they’re being paid for their job you shouldn’t expect them to do it for you for free. I wouldn’t expect free art from my artist friends, free hair cuts from my cousin who cuts hair, etc so I don’t think it’s right to expect her to add so much to her workload without paying her for it.

  3. Hey, thanks for your reply, I’d like to think I’m ready, but in reality I would have no idea of knowing. But I do feel like I can give my all to her, a relationship with her is everything to me right now. If i wasn’t having such emotional reactions would that not suggest that a relationship isn’t quite right for us? I don’t know! And I appreciate your response 🙂

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  5. if he's visiting prostitutes and lying about it I dont want to go on. I want to know if given the evidence one can be sure that he's lying

  6. I was attracted to him and when we first started going out he really kept up with the shaving and such but since we moved in he rarely does. We were very active at the start but we’ve started having other problems and after a trip we took and I saw a side of him I didn’t like i just couldn’t see him in the day way. I’ve been trying to deal with the other issues but they are constantly unresolved and now I just don’t feel the same attraction I used to. I was fine with it before but now it just turns me off.

  7. Why is almost nobody talking about the fact that the only reason this boyfriend refuses condoms is because they’re “annoying to put on” and he can’t feel anything? If I was constantly in pain and had to keep taking medication, my boyfriend would give it no thought and put on a condom. If he genuinely cares about you and your health, he’s going to be okay with giving up a little bit so you aren’t in pain, OP. Especially if he himself isn’t allergic to latex or anything like that.

  8. That's fair. I could ask Monday and find out then. It just didn't seem like necessary information. I didn't believe I would need his actual age for the post.

  9. He doesn’t work a job. He takes the garbage/recycling out when we need to and does the laundry like once a month. He sweeps the living room briefly because we have pets and fur accumulates fast. I do all the cooking and the dishes and the rest of the cleaning.

  10. You should call it off. You sound insufferable and if you think marriage is about financial decisions, you shouldn’t get married.

  11. The “if gender was reversed” crowd never fails to show up. I actually think you do have a point, but I do think it’s important to note that in that post, they’re not married and just barely in their 20s. That’s the time where they’re still figuring themselves out as individuals. Breaking up over a piercing at that age isn’t unreasonable since they’re still deciding what that want for themselves and what they might want in a partner.

  12. Just tell her it didn’t go too well and we’ll talk about it when she gets home. In the mean time, start applying to jobs and set up some interviews and make it happen brother. The one thing she’ll appreciate is that you’re already committed to finding about job.

  13. If she’s wanting to let your coworkers know, that would make me think she’s into you.

    Be brave and ask her out. Maybe not so much heavy drinking but more getting-to-know-you-better stuff.

    Good luck!

  14. Would he give you oral and nothing but oral if you asked? Also massages should only be given when the giver feels like it.

  15. Close but not completely accurate. While sex is the primary motivation, I usually do enjoy the company of the women on the side. I do have good times both in and out of the bedroom with many of the women.

  16. Something similar happened to an old friend of mine, after having a kid something changed with the wife and she became “Mom” and stopped doing anything relationship wise. Unfortunately it led to their divorce.

  17. Wait till she says she wants it back and say, next time you do that I will. Next time she does (she will, it's a pattern), give it back. That way it's ostensibly led by her.

  18. Yeahhhh, this is shitty. I would not want to be with anyone who thinks they are setting for me.

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