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  1. Yea how is this a red flag? Dude has focus on you. As long as he doesn't love bomb/cringe you out/cling then yea, he sees something in you that you should be proud of. Why are you still on Tinder… If you aren't into him, then let him know so he can move on. You have a fish on the hook and you recast it to the sea for bigger? Ehh… Make a call and follow through. Friend's advice is as good as Reddit wink.

  2. If I was your husband I would really hope you would tell me. Would it cause me to be unbelievably angry and confront my mother, absolutely, would she deserve every moment of it absolutely. Do you deserve to carry that on your own absolutely not. This pisses me off to the point I want to call my own mother and just scream at her for no reason for you!

  3. For fat shaming him. You do realise most people on sites put their best pic up which could be from a while ago. No need for body shaming.

  4. You can give her an ultimatum.*

    Tell her you can’t live like this. That it’s up to her. She can be a contributing part of the marriage, or the marriage can end. Some people don’t see how bad an issue is until a consequence is in front of them. As of now it’s all been positive reinforcement. She does whatever she wants and has no responsibilities and even gets extra money for it.

    *As far as ultimatums go, some people think they are bad. They are not. They can be a useful tool to help fix an issue or move on from it. Without that, you’ll likely be stuck in and endless loop of discussions followed by empty promises.

  5. And my gf busts my balls because I haven't asked her to marry me after 5 years. This guy won't even let his gf leave a tooth brush after 6 years. I'm so sorry OP, it's probably time to cut your loses and find a good man that wants to have a life together instead of a constant option.

  6. “She made it clear I have no choice. How do I change her mind? “

    I suspect if you try to put your foot down, she's just going to half open the relationship and just start cheating on you.

    She's checked out

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  8. This is so true, when I was in college for IT, we had a deaf student. I know basic ASL and he had a translator, but I had to work with her to help with how to translate some things so he could better understand.

    He was a really nice dude so we paired up a lot. He was patient with my crappy ASL skills too lol.

  9. Also, if you guys don’t have the same kind of lifestyle, it won’t work long term. And it sounds like he’s particular about everything in his life and you’re more carefree and relaxed. That will end badly if one of you either doesn’t compromise and I don’t think he’s going to or you sit down as a couple and decide what you’re a couple goals are.

  10. No. This is cruel. Not motivated by care for your health but rather out of his desire to have you look a certain way.

    Married 12 years in July

  11. Wow, he's using marijuana in the military? And he is using drugs when he has mental health issues? He's not making smart decisions. He has to help himself. He has to do the work. No one can save him.

    Focus on your kids. That's the only thing you can control.

  12. I appreciate the level-headed response. I'm frustrated with myself in this situation, knowing that her experience is of utmost importance for our future. I just let my admittedly childish feelings about romance get in the way for a brief moment. I've really buckled down on doing all the household maintenance the last month, and things seem to have improved drastically. I guess it really does boil down to me being selfish.

    Thank you, really. This advice will go a long way for us.

  13. This man is 36,why are you wasting your time with someone so much older who is probably only with you because you are foreign/young and are easy to manipulate.

  14. I don’t think anyone should ever expect forgiveness. If your ex beat you up and broke your arm 10 years ago, should they forgive them because it was 10 years ago? Nobody is ever owed forgiveness or recognition.

  15. You may not have been “official” but he still hid his activities from you 'cause he knew that it wouldn't be well received. He knew what he did would be unacceptable so he lied. So going forward, what other uncomfortable truths is he going to lie about?

    You gave him a chance to come clean but he chose dishonesty instead. Then he gave you an STD. If he hated you, what more could he do to you?

    Another way to look at it: If you told your past self in the early days of your relationship what you now know, would you have stayed? If he was about to date your best friend, would you sing his praises? When you have kids, wouldn't it be nice to not have to hide or cover up their dad's crappy moves? Walk away with your head held high. If he was going to change, it should have happened long ago, when you first met, not after giving you an STD.

  16. I wish I had an award to give you. That is the best, most reasoned response I have seen here.

    OP, I hope you read the comment above mine and really think hard about it. Be prepared for the love bombing next when he realizes he really f’d up. This pattern will escalate in frequency and intensity each time something goes the way he doesn’t want it to. I wish I had the above comment in my ear when I was with my ex. I would have left much sooner and saved myself and my daughter so much pain.

  17. He will not tell you the truth. He knows that you saw the photo that he deleted it and he still refuses to admit it. Even if he admitted to deleting that photo, could you trust there was nothing else?

  18. I must be getting too old for this…”I don't want them sharing a bed”…

    There are certain things I feel like people shouldn't have to say. For example, “don't put your finger up a dogs bum”, that's one. Another is “don't lick electric fences”.

    I'm being ridiculous obviously, but to make a point. You need to be honest with yourself, what your boyfriend is doing is horribly wrong, it is so far beyond reasonable behaviour you need to get rid of him for you own sanity.

    A partner sharing a bed with someone who fancies them and has had sexual contact with is well and truly a betrayal of your relationship.

  19. Your idiot boyfriend can't afford a pet. Why would you stay with someone so irresponsible? Take the dog to a vet with you listed as the owner. Get her spayed, vaccinated, and chipped with your name and info. Then keep the dog and re-home the boyfriend.

  20. I personally believe in a longterm relationship sex usually will become stale at one point or another. Your boyfriend as you say is still affectionate with you which means he's still intimate with you, just not in the ol' naked way. Talk to him. Tell him the fact you're not having as much sex is making you feel a little weird and you're wondering if there's something more to it. Maybe ask him if he'd like to try something new and to spice things up, bring the excitement back. If he again says he's just not in the mood then maybe he's really just not in the mood recently and you have to respect that. Then see how things unfold down the road.

  21. So you would just leave your disabled husband to deal with that alone and take his children too??

  22. I'm a woman with a labouring job and this is not an excuse. It's grotty, stinky work and you have shower daily, it's not a choice. I've had guys from my work literally come to mine to shower because they have a fancy client after out job together or their showers broke in the past. Labouring doesn't mean poor hygiene.

    Have an adult conversation with him, if he insists on being a stink beast. Kick him to curb.

  23. You don't know him yet. You barely know him at all. I don't want to put unnecessary fears in your head, but its best to assume the worst when you're leaving someone. From what you've said I'm scared of him. He hasn't had a calm or normal reaction to anything so far.

  24. I know man but something I've learned is that you can't put yourself in a shit hole you can't deal with. Besides once she is out you will resent her and she won't understand why, then she'll dump you even tho you put up with her shit (maybe I am projecting)

  25. effort isn’t reciprocated.

    They have a perfectly good relationship otherwise as far as we know? Why are you assuming this relationship is failing?

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