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  2. I had another friend once who I’d known for six years and we talked on the phone everyday, did not live in the same city. She knew everything about me and I her. She came to visit when I turned 20 and we had a miny drunken fight but it all seemed solved the next day. It was about nothing, we got thrown out of the club because she was too drunk and I was upset because I wanted to stay since it was my birthday.

    Then she went back home two days later and I never heard from her ever again. I called for weeks but no answer. No explanation. Probably my biggest heartbreak to this day. It is completely fine to end friendships but when you are so close I do think the other person deserves an explanation, especially when it was so sudden.

    In this situation the friendship more faded out but I can’t really let it go because he was my favorite person. But you’re right, might not like the answer I’ll get

  3. Honestly, can you give any good reason to stay with such a horrible person? Everything around this relationship sounds awful and toxic, why would you want to stay. Yeah, everyone here is going to tell you to break up, if you are just in need of reassurance that that's the right thing to do, well, it is absolutely the right thing to do. Best of luck in the future, hope the next person in your life is way better than this dude.

  4. That's a major red flag that you seriously need to take into consideration on whether or not you should run away now or want to deal with all this unnecessary drama.

  5. If you think he isn't trustworthy

    I have had my trust broken by him before and so I am trying to work on it and start trusting him again, especially since he promised to be better. But yes, I believe my anxiety gets triggered more now that he has already broken my trust.

  6. “You’re supposed to be sad after break ups”

    There is clearly a misconception here. Why would you be sad if your situation after the break up clearly improved? Are you supposed to be sad after healing an illness? nope, right?

    Enjoy being happy.

  7. Look, I am not condoning his threats but it doesn’t mean her family are saints. To give you some examples

    1) my ex mil had an Easter lunch. They said the be there at x time and at y time they called to go there because they were ready to eat. I was not done getting ready (it was 1h earlier than the original time) so my ex went on his own and I would join him in 15m (they lived 10m with a car distance) because I just got Out of the shower. Went, they were all at the table eating and there wasn’t a plate or a chair for me. Was I hurt? Yes. Was it intentionally? Yes. Couldn’t I get my own chair and plate? Yes I could but I felt bad. Wouldn’t I want my ex to stand up for me? Yes. Did he? No.

    2) same event. She knows that i don’t eat a certain soup when it’s made with meat broth. I didn’t asked her to Make a different one for me BUT she claimed she did. In reality she just took a portion from the main one threw in a vegetable stock and claimed she made me. I could tell on the first sip what was going on. She did intentionally to hurt me.

    3) they bought their other dil an expensive gift and me and the other dil got a watch from the dollar store.

    4) they used to come over our house and “steal” food. I am using steal loosely because ex knew about it.

    5) they send over food that was toddlers portion or only for ex. Never for me.

    6) one of ex bil needed a surgery and he was in another country, me and ex paid for tickets, their accommodation, food and spending money. They brought back an expensive bag to one SIL , my ex and bil an expensive wallet, and I got nothing. (The previous SIL had already got a divorce at that point because of their bullshit)

    I could go on but you get my point. Did any of these things hurt me physically? No. Did they hurt me emotionally? Yes. Were they done those intentionally to hurt me? Yes. Did my ex take my side? No (that’s why he is an ex) did all those things made me irritable and acting like a crazy person? Yes.

    So since ALL these started when the families met and she admits that HER family intentionally hurt him, i can’t take her side without knowing more things.

    To me it looks like her family constantly makes him emotional hurt and she just lets them. He is anxious about her family doing something days/hour before or even during the wedding to humiliate him and his family (his fear sounds very logical from the context) hence the threat and his irrational behavior ( which again don’t condone)

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