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Date: September 27, 2022

5 thoughts on “KilenyaPatrise live webcams for YOU!

  1. Well, not over the top like in the soap operas. But she'll cry and/or yell in private, or ask her friends and hairdressers for advice on me.

  2. Oh honey, please leave him. Set the right example for your girls.

    When you leave him, tell him it’s because you don’t want your daughters to end up like a man like their father.

  3. It may be incredibly difficult but you did the right thing for both of you. Knowing that he lost you may help him change. All he’s ever known before is that you’ll stick around every time he falls off the wagon.

    I was in a relationship like that before and I know change was always short lived. I also left when I was 30. Having a child with that man would’ve been a huge mistake. I’m now happily married with two lovely children. You deserve a chance at happiness. You’ve done all you could here. Listen to his mother.

  4. You are probably right that he is supremely undateable and grooming young women is gross, but that doesnt mean that that he is wrong about the state of the dating pool for a 40yr old single guy when looking at women his own age.

    After filtering through scams and catfish accounts, you are left with questionable hookups that make you feel she is cheating on her husband, women with psychiatric disorders that are unable to take care of their children and will start stalking you and threatening self harm if you break up with them, women that are childless and terrified that they may never have a baby and will try to move obscenely too fast and whose only qualifications for a partner are obedience and fertility, women that are still virgins because of their religion or cult but will require you to join their religion or cult and marry them before you can even find out if you are physically compatible, or you feel you finally met someone awesome that you click with only to find out they are serial cheaters.

    Look, women in their 40s are not all like this, but the good ones are extremely likely to already be in a healthy relationship because they ARE experienced and KNOW how to build and keep a healthy relationship. There are unicorns out there sure but please stop disparaging guys who have this experience of being single in their 40s.

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