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Room subject: Hello, I, ‘m back! I missed you! ❤️ Charlotte114’s room

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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. I absolutely disagree. He is fine enough to boot you off Netflix and go to your house. Anyone who could share a relationship with you and end it with no more than a vaguepost is one you oughta leave alone. This person’s capacity for enjoying cruelty is evident. Be grateful it was a relatively short relationship and move on.

  2. I agree that they’re not necessarily linked. I have a very high libido but I rarely masturbate as I find it boring and tedious.

  3. How would your ex benefit from you apologizing now?

    But damn, I miss having that friend there. Someone I was comfortable with.

    It sounds like your trying to find an excuse to contact her for your own sake.

  4. Five things:

    Feeling like this is completely legit. The opportunities you've had, you've had because they emigrated. They took themselves out of a familiar sphere, and put themselves into an unfamiliar one, at least partly to give you more opportunities. So accept that this is the cloud to your silver lining. This may well be the only way they know how to relate to you, since you are their child but you aren't entirely of the same culture that they are, so I suggest: Outsource. I'm assuming that you have a good education, a good job, and can afford a few luxuries (if none of this is true, lmk), so I'd suggest you hire someone to replace you. Someone who speaks their language of origin and is tech savvy; maybe a student who needs flexible, very part-time hours. Then tell them that them using you for help is destroying your relationship with them and your mental health, and you will be providing them with paid help. Tell them that once that starts, you will not help them with things anymore, so that the three of you can spend time together not doing household and administrative tasks. Then you can find other things to do with them. But REALLY put some effort into it: take them to movies, go to museums together, pottery classes, dancing, exercise and sport, arts, etc. Take them to a different restaurant every week for a year. Reset your relationship with them and make your relationship with them about discovering their “new” city/country.

    My life has gotten a thousand times better since I outsourced the tech stuff (often simply to the Apple Genius Bar.) Fortunately, my parents were always competent with the paperwork.

  5. have a family early on

    DO NOT go there – not at all, not close, don't even adopt a hamster or pet mouse – I'm serious. Not until you get this other sh*t dang well settled.

  6. That’s really lame of your brother to not take your important dates into consideration when planning the wedding. Isn’t it normal to do that for immediate family members?

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