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  1. Letters are great to convey your message but it’s 1 directional. I would suggest having a really good talk between the two of you. OP being the senior person in the room, you should lead with the right example too making sure that you are not talking with high emotions. Create a safe space between the two of you where you can talk freely and not being judge on what is said. Be open minded and express how you feel. Hopefully you both can then understand each other better

  2. This dude is just a weird loser. I promise you aren't bad at sex.. you're new and he's not cultivating the sexual experience with you. Even with my wife.. we both had prev partners but it took some time for me to learn what makes her tick and what feels best for her – and her for me.

    I know he is your first and that holds a special connection but I promise you would be way happier with someone who actually appreciates you. This dude is exploiting the fact that he knows you won't leave and is treating you like absolute shit.

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