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  1. Congrats papa on breaking the cycle. I am breaking my own family cycle and I know how hard it is. Keep on being a great dad to your kiddos and a great person to yourself.

  2. This is definitely something you and him should be able to talk about. If you can’t afford it and need to skip Christmas with the family because of that, a good boyfriend would be understanding and either not have a problem with you staying home or offer to cover your part of the cost – both are perfectly valid options.

    The bigger concern here is that it sounds like you aren’t comfortable bringing this up with him.

  3. Your mother has been sober for 31 years. That's… A W E S O M E.

    She has been sober for longer than you have been alive. But to you and your family, her sobriety is A Big Deal.

    It…isn't as important to your girlfriend. Especially since she's barely met your mother, from how you describe it.

    That last bit means that maybe it ain't such a great idea after all, to bring her along.

    And, no. There are no obligations to tag along, even in marriage.

    If she doesn't want to be there, she is just going to be a sulking and annoying presence that you'll feel that you should have left at home.

    Let her stand her ground. But also, you know, remember that whenever she asks you to attend something, you are perfectly allowed to say no. And that's that.

  4. I doubt this would get better if you lived together. You barely even kiss. I don't think the problem is the living situation at all, i think she doesn't want to have sex or be affectionate/intimate with you and living with your parents is a convenient excuse for her to avoid an uncomfortable truth. When you go away together, do you have a lot of sex? When you go on dates, are you affectionate? Do you kiss (more than a peck)? If you're not doing those things while out of the house/away from your parents, then its not gonna happen when you move in together.

    It does sound like there's some medical issues, but if neither of you have pursued that in the last 6 years, it doesn't exactly sound like a priority. If you want the relationship to succeed, you need to lay it all on the line, be completely honest, and start making appointments to deal with the issue.

  5. Leave. He's hiding SOMETHING. If you're not compatible sexually, don't force yourself to stay. You're 23. He's 30. Find a new man.

  6. This is so weird to me as a non-American. With the exception of religious reasons or medical emergency, hardly anyone is circumcised in Europe.

    I’m fascinated how things have developed in America for a natural part of your body being deemed “gross”.

    Your wife is immature and horrible and pretty weird tbh. Have a conversation with her about how you feel, I’m sure she wouldn’t like it if you called a natural part of her body disgusting

  7. I have some childhood trauma yeah. Wasn’t sure if trauma that was unrelated to dating could affect my feelings in my current one but i guess it’s not far off?

  8. Okay so what it sounds like is that you followed a porn account fetishizing Muslim women which isn’t a progressive thing at all. And that, coupled with your “other problems” in the past, made her realize that it’s too much bullshit in the span of half a year and wants to end the relationship. And you don’t think that’s fair because you’re not respectful of women to begin with. Leave her alone and take some time to mature before your next relationship.

  9. not go off but be annoyed that im still upset about that situation, which had happened a few hours ago and “not let it ruin my night” he stated. but the reason it is i told him was “because i can’t get a sorry from my partner” to which it ensued him stating he did say sorry but it was only sorry for swearing and when i asked him is that all i will get his response was “it is it” and then called me childish

  10. I've seen depression to that level and it's time to consider seeking inpatient or partial hospitalization if this is happening

  11. Funny that OP literally used the word trapped to describe how she feels, because that's exactly what her husband intended to do.

    OP, you met this man at a time in your life when you probably didn't know how to say no or communicate boundaries very well. You're not that person anymore. If he responds negatively or tries to guilt/manipulate you instead of respecting what you say, then you know what kind of person he is.

  12. Please let her plan the trip all by herself and deal with all the obstacles on her own. There is a difference between being impulsive and being spontaneous. She sounds childish and immature and the fact that, at her age, she can’t even be bothered to drive and expects you to do all the “adulting” makes her sound absolutely awful, manipulative, and very unworthy of you. Leave her to fend for herself and maybe she will grow up a little.

  13. She used to “try”, but is also medicated for some mental issues. It's never been this bad. She takes a *lot* of adderall because of ADHD, and she blames that for a lot of her shortcomings. I try to tell her to get into routines, not sleep all morning long and maybe put herself on a regular work schedule, but I'm tired of repeating myself. I feel like she hardly goes to work ever, but she insists on us keeping this giant 2k/month house. I don't get it.

  14. She already has someone else in mind that she wants to have sex with, and there is a good chance that she has already cheated with this person and is trying to retroactively make that OK to avoid her having any guilt

    Unless you are OK with her getting all excited and dressed up to go out on dates and have sex with another person, it's time to break up. Bottom line is that she isn't into you anymore, and she wants to move on.

  15. Dude. The person commenting has literally supported your worries and you're picking a fight? Wow.

  16. His left arm wrapped around her hip, she's looking to her left eating something, her arm in front of his legs. They aren't posing for a picture, they were just sitting like that and ended up in a picture

  17. I am fully capable of raising my own kids, but I’m not willing to absolve him of his fatherly responsibilities. To be honest, I don’t think he’d do that. He loves kids and he could never leave them. This is only a part of the issue. I want them to learn the cultures of both mom and dad and not think dad’s culture is superior.

  18. u can delete and back track all you want but you were clearly going in hard trying to make OP look line the one in the wrong. Per your comment on another thread in this comment section:

    “Is he even aware that she is having a procedure done. It sounds like she hasn’t spoken to him about it so he has no idea. There isn’t enough communication in this relationship.”

  19. Based on your responses to comments here, where someone reacted in a way you liked and your response was “finally, someone reasonable.”

    You didn’t want advice, you wanted to be coddled and validated. If 99% of people are saying one thing and telling you that you fucked up, and you choose to side with the 1% because they’re saying you did nothing wrong, you’re far too immature for relationships my friend.

  20. Yeah that makes sense i probably scared her. i dont know if you saw my comment but she just broke up with me over text.

  21. if they were the same level as what i saw on my dads page e.g butt naked with the only thing covering them being a tiny bikini then yes, i mean i wouldnt feel disgusted to the same degree as i do right now but i would be incredibly insecure and sad. And no i dont follow models.

  22. That seems exhausting. I'd be able to tell anyway so I don't personally think it's rude. I'd understand. When stuffblikebthisbhappens in my relationship I just remind myself that this person loves me. Love believes the best so I would assume they weren't feeling the best. Endless niceness weird me out.

  23. “Not seeing the ex that often” isn't really an argument, is it? You're not his ex, either he likes to spend time with you or he doesn't.

  24. You've explained enough. She gets it, you get a kick out of seeing her picutures but it makes her uncomfortable. Leave her alone and stop being so selfish and get your thrills elsewhere.

  25. If you believe this, you are gullible. She is trying to cover up the fact she slept with somebody else. And if you asked me if some women are willing to do this to this extreme, I would say yes they are. It’s happened before and it will happen again. I would break up with her mediately and disentangle yourself from her.

  26. I don't think it's necessarily unreasonable. It would be if OP wants their own kids at some point but if it's just a relationship without kids i don't think a weekend once a month doing your own thing is bad.

  27. I don't know… maybe you would be better off with someone where you don't feel compelled to monitor everything they do on social media.

    If you have the need to pay this close attention to online activity, perhaps its not the right relationship to be in.

    I do find it a bit extreme to allow someone's profile being public or private, impact you emotionally.

    I think you need someone who is more in tune with this part:

    I would never want that to create an insecurity. To know they never even thought about how I felt like that really hurt, and there also has been no effort on their part to come see me.

  28. We have. Many times over the years we have discussed expectations, the things that need to change (both my behaviors and his, this is a two way street), and set goals and things together. We’ve honestly been pretty good partners all things considered – it’s just that the changes I’ve made have stuck and they ones he made didn’t.

  29. You’d rather believe women have been manipulated into not wanting to SAHM’s rather than acknowledging the reality of the situation

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