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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. if she hadn’t gone to duck them she wouldn’t of lied it’s that simple. if your happy being constantly cheated on then stay.

  2. Do you not use air conditioning or heating or lights? Do you not use more toilet paper? Do you not use more house supplies? Do not really think of the offices yours if you both need to share it and you have a phone call to make you would expect priority? The point is your nickel and diming

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  4. Girl you can't ask for more. He doesn't have more he wants to give you. Do yourself a favor and go find someone who gives you more without you even having to ask

  5. He doesn't care about your relationship boundaries because he thinks you're young and naïve. He probably didn't think you'd snoop yet here you are. You could ask him to delete them, but there's no guarantee as he could have them saved elsewhere. Do the recordings seem like they were done without their permission?

  6. Come on man, she fucked this guy.

    I can understand her being pissed because it sounds like your behavior is way over the top, but I’m that case she should leave instead of cheat.

    If I were you, I would end it and work on yourself. Figure out what the issues and triggers were that lead to you acting that way and then work on them.

    Either way, it sounds like this girl has lost all respect for you.

  7. End the relationship.

    Your boyfriend sounds like an asshole. He clearly doesn't respect you or your opinion because he is too worried about being right and proving it. He escalated a verbal disagreement by challenging you to a show of strength in which he fully intended to overpower you to make his point (and make you admit he was correct). When you refused to back down and showed him he was wrong, he resorted to manipulating the situation to make it seem like you've done him some eggregious harm.

    You didn't hurt him, nor did you intend to. Don't let his crocodile tears draw you back in.

  8. Sounds like your sister was black out drunk and your husband took advantage of her situation. This whole thing sucks. Hope you figure it out, cause this gonna be messy.✌?

  9. A healthy sexual relationship is reciprocal. It is also one in which you can tell your partner honestly what your needs are and for him/her to understand and not to take it personally. You should not have to ask someone to get you off. He is using you for his own sexual satisfaction, he is selfish. Withholding will not make him see the light. You should never feel used.

    You should ask him to have an honest conversation without yelling/fighting about what you need from him. If he cannot have this conversation with you, this is your answer.

  10. No, bad people always have a couple naive people by their side. Thats kinda their whole thing. And when you get tired of his shit, theres plenty of other naive people for him to choose from.

    Idk. Idk you or him or whatever it is you guys got going on. Im simply sharing what ive learned through hard experience, take it or leave it, i have nothing to gain by steering you wrong.

    But ill say it again.. when someone says things like “im not good enough for you” or “i might hurt someone someday” its best to believe what theyre telling you. At best its a form of manipulation, at worst its an accurate prediction of the future.

  11. Haha OK thanks for the clarification! Yeah that's totally different. Hairy is fine as long as everything's clean.

    Many people have given advice here around the same idea, if she's not comfortable she's not comfortable. You can't force her.

    It took years for me to be actually comfortable about myself and sex. What helped a lot is an understanding partner (stop pushing this issue, continue the support and you seem to be doing well) and just getting older. All the silly things I worried about in my 20's started to disappear in my 30's.

    As long as you both keep communicating and are both happy about the sex, you should be fine.

  12. I think there alot of faults of my own. Overtime i tot used to her being home all the time that i got complacent. I wasn’t self aware at the time to push her to get out more and find something she loves. I would invite her to my friends event. In fact, month before breakup we went to halloween party with my friends.

    Looking back i never really checked in her at work or had really meaningful conversations between each other about the future. I failed in that area of not communicating with the way she needs to be and not loving and showing affectionate the way she needed.

    I still want her back because i want to show her that i actually am making changes to better myself with therapy.

  13. TL;DR. He's not that into you. Don't see him, that will just prolong an uncomfortable disequilibrium.

  14. At this point it doesn’t even matter if it was the kids names that pushed you over the edge and made you take action (as opposed to the level of control he was trying to gain on you and his insecurities and jealousy ), I’m just so glad, OP, that you are safe and away from that toxicity. Good for you on listening to your gut and wanting better for yourself – carry those strengths with you to each relationship from here on after. No one deserves to be treated that way – ever!

  15. I think I would break it off if you like him more than just as a friend or FWB. Because he is not making a commitment to he still looking for other women. I would just say this isn’t working out for me. I don’t see a future here with you. I wish you the best of luck. I knew that.

  16. I've only ever taken one med that had a serious chance to affect my hormones as a man and never again. It's fucking hell if it goes sideways on you.

  17. I think broken down like this it does look bad but he does treat me well. He just has this annoying/irritating tendency of undermining certain things that I want or need from him.

    You need more outside opinions; this is a situation where you cannot trust your own and you certainly can't trust his. He has intentionally avoided letting you have those third-party opinions, by avoiding your friends, trying to get you to avoid your sister, as well as probably other isolationary tactics you haven't mentioned. Having you come home earlier so you spend less time with your friends is also part of that.

    Above all, do not go to the appointment he made for you. If you feel you have to, very blatantly say to the doctor that you did not set this appointment, your boyfriend did, without your consent, after you already told him that you didn't want it, and if that doctor is worth anything they will immediately start giving you some advice. Maybe you'll hear it better from a professional.

  18. It may be “the asking” that’s the problem, he does not like you directing him to do things. Directing someone makes you seem like a/boss/parent.

    Try identifying problems together and asking him for his ideas for solutions.

  19. I lied, he is actually 24. I just didn’t want all the comments to be about the age gap but if everyones advice is going to be about him being young then I should come clean.

  20. Your ex cheated on you. You secretly met up for an hour. You over stepping a boundary spells the end. You can apologize a million times but he doesn’t have to accept.

  21. The way that he responded says it all. If it were legitimate, he would've calming explained. Please know that his actions are nothing to do with you, he's immature and needs validation from women, hence his still using tinder.

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