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  1. Go for a coffee if you don’t want to spend money. That’s fine, too. I would be turned off by you asking this. Not by splitting the bill; I’m always prepared to pay for my own stuff and I’ve done it before, but asking about splitting the bill before the date is a huge turn off for me. I think both parties should be prepared for both possibilities, i.e. paying for their own stuff separately of inviting the other, depending on how the date goes.

  2. … and your girlfriends shouldn’t have done that

    And no if it was a woman who gained weight, refused basic hygiene, had to have her clothes picked, no intimacy Ofc they’d tell him to leave. Men have been told on this sub to leave if they don’t get BJ’s lol or if they’re not getting daily sex?

    What on earth are you talking about? He would not be called shallow for leaving a woman like that?!

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