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  1. ????

    ok. who cares.

    ive gone to strip clubs after a night out, with a guy.

    why does this make u feel like he didn't care about u. move on.

    u cant expect him to grovel at your feet, and even tho he is not, doesn't mean he is hurting. but at the root. move on. u broke up with him for a reason.

  2. Look into Cognitive Behavior Therapy. If you're willing to do the work, it can truly help to “rewire” your brain.

    You're young. You just need some tools in your life to a) stop catastrophizing automatically and b) learn to be less impulsive and more thoughtful in your communication.

  3. Weddings have a ton of costs associated with it and best man/groomsmen/bridesmaids are all on the hook for their own stuff.

    Talk it out with them. Likely it was their significant other that picked out these suits. If they're decent people they'll either cover the suit or come up with an alternative. Excessive suit rental costs are a luxury, and totally unnecessary (still come to around mid $200's for a full ensemble).

    If they don't you'll have to either cough up the money or back out from being best man because you can't afford what they're requiring of you.

    Certainly not a fun conversation, but if you can't afford it that's just the facts. Hopefully they don't take it personally, but if they do, they're not best friend material.

    My wife and I made sure our people could afford what they needed, and reached out to those individually that we suspected might have a hard time come up with the money

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