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  1. From my boyfriend perspective I'll make things uncomfortable for them because I am jealous, and it's not what he wants to do, he wants to get closer to this girl because he thinks this is how you form a stronger friendships.

    I don't know if the other girl knows much about me and how my boyfriend is describing our relationship. He barely says about her nor what are they doing while hanging out (all I know they mostly go to a bar and drink).

    I see your point here, when I know someone is in a relationship I would invite the other half too. Maybe she would be open for it. Again I didn't met this girl yet and I think the problem is that my boyfriend doesn't want me there in the first place.

    I'll meet her this week or next to see if I'll really feel comfortable with the two of them going for the trip alone

  2. “other comments” are speculating about him moving the goalpost just like you are. She’s not “commanding” but if she’s not gonna fuck him with it then she might as well be because everyone knows no sex can’t last indefinitely. Yeah she has the right not to fuck him…blahblah we all know that no one’s discussing that.

    What we’re discussing is that he shouldn’t be considered manipulative for not immediately bending under the whole “I would hope he would take his wife’s opinion into account becausee” because that’s the exact same reasoning a man can use to insist a woman change any aspect of her body and in that case she, just like the husband here, should not be considered manipulative for wanting physical autonomy for some time before they bend to what is effectively a command from their partner.

    I don’t know why you bring up that women are often held to high standard and that “the balance of this argument weighs heavily against women most of the time”, that’s just totally irrelevant. None of that, as true as it may be, is relevant whatsoever to this argument and the fact that you think that if the roles were reversed this would be an argument in your favour but not in a man’s favour is deeply misandrist. Learn to see men and women as equal, please see a therapist

  3. first, i am so sorry. you will heal from this inshAllah may the universe give u strength. it’s up to you to decide if you want to go on this recovery journey with him or leave and figure out what to do with your own life.

    second, i personally find it very hard to believe that someone could spend eighteen thousand hard earned american dollars on porn and not have any sort of contact with the sex workers. it’s more than plausible that he was contacting them directly for special requests, videos and pictures.

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