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Date: September 29, 2022

11 thoughts on “Anthonella10 live webcams for YOU!

  1. You might have what my gf has, she uses a medical cream inside her vagina to basically have the muscles relax. The doctor told her it's her subconscious tightening her muscles for no reason

  2. This dude is 25. Is his unemployment temporary, or has he never worked a day in his life?

    What are his future goals? Do they align with yours?

  3. Mutually assured destruction is the opposite of what I am advocating. I am advocating developing trust over a period of time and then maintaining it, in the absence of any objective reasons for suspicion. Once someone has shown themselves to be trustworthy, why would you suspect them unless you have some sort of new information?

    If you think your partner may have cheated on you and is planning to hide it from you and make you raise another man’s baby, and you think that’s a high enough chance that you want to take a paternity test, KNOWING the damage that will do to the relationship, that’s obviously your perogative. But that is a very serious demonstration of laco of trust on your part, and it’s entirely reasonable for her to say “I don’t want to be in a relationship with a man who would suspect me of that.”

  4. Apparently you have a dumb boyfriend. The correct action is to find one not dumb. Literally everyone on earth knows that their are numerous pronunciation differences between both countries. Everyone knows, but him……

  5. Irs odd to see the sex reversal as it's usually girls complaining about guys going to strippers or lap dances but the concensus is always the same so it shouldn't change because of that. A boundary was broken. There can be no complaints if you leave.

  6. I went into this thinking you laughed at sad movies and what not. You're reacting in a very mature way. Why would he WANT you to be mad or sad he has friends? That's ridiculous. I say dump him.

  7. Time to chose a path in life. Are you going to continue to associate with people who hate who you are and are only able to tolerate it if they pretend it's not real (and eventually lose your partner), or are you going to be your authentic self?

  8. Yes, you are no longer a kid. Your mom had no business blackmailing you and forcing you to hide her infidelity. If you don’t let it out now she will hold it over your head forever. It will blow up but let them know how it’s affected you and you didn’t ask for this.

  9. I see.

    Well, you're both consenting adults so there's nothing abusive happening. Even though it's not sexual, perhaps treat it like a kink. You're still letting your partner physically dominate you. That alone is considered kinky.

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