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  2. The real issue is that he no longer wants to have sex with his wife as she's crossing his boundaries. Their relationship is already gone.

  3. Tell them tell him you’re not gonna do it. It’s degrading it’s demoralizing is frankly not his business. Tell him if he’s worried you’ll get an STD test. Other than that. Tell him he’s gonna have to live with it. He just doesn’t like that you had other partners, he wants to know who they are and what you did, which is why I want to list stop this insanity now now

  4. I am living proof you are not to late. Married at 27, divorced at 32. Met the love of my life at 37, married at 38. Been together almost 20 years and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

  5. I wonder if taking the pole classes has been a very positive, non sexual, empowering experience. Stripping in a club, depending on who you are, doesn’t go down like that. If she’s taking a pole class it’s likely she’s made friends with the other girls and views pole dancing as a cool community of open minded strong women. Women in strip clubs although nice are much more difficult because you are competing against them for tips. There’s more risk of sexual assault. The men hitting on her won’t have the boundaries of other women in a class. Has your wife gone to a strip club recently? Does she know what she would actually be signing up for? And assuming she does; if she’s going to explore this part of herself and that intention bothers you so deeply maybe it’s time to move on.

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