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  1. Unless it's a restraining order just ignore any contact from him. Sounds like a Dateline episode in the making.

  2. I even compromised myself because even though we dating she’s still with the father of her child for financial reasons like she mentioned but said she’ll leave him

    Close this down and step away. Don’t get involved with someone in a relationship no matter what they tell you.

    If she wants to be with you’ll she’ll leave him first.

    You are worth an honest chance at happiness and not to be a “side-thing” waiting for scraps.

    Again: Stay away from someone that is in an existing relationship.

  3. A really good friend of mine found her now husband on Craiglist because she was looking for a roommate and they ended up hitting it off.

    Whats life with out a little adventure?

  4. some of the smartest people I have met are high school dropouts, so I don’t think so. now if we were talking about a job interview instead…

  5. Yeah it’s not that big of a deal I don’t even care that much about sex but him and I love getting intimate so I just don’t want this to affect our sex lives in the future.

  6. Comment straight up DELETED after nearly 700 downvotes… Holy shit, too good. For all those wondering, he was defending; asking WHY IT'S IMPORTANT to know that him, his brother… the entire family… knew her as a family friend before she turned 18. Where upon, the eldest brother, immediately got in her pants the moment she turned 18.

  7. I like his voice. Our careers are similar. We have similar senses of humor and social lives. And I just like talking to him. We have interesting conversations.

    Last time we hung out, I was playing some orchestra music and felt embarrassed because he didn’t understand why I liked it so I turned it off. But then he turned it back on so he could listen to more and understand why I like it.

  8. It’s been almost 10 years. I’ve only been on 2 dates total in those 10 years, my gf was my first relationship since.

  9. Honestly not the first time something like this has happened. 2 years ago on her facebook she posted a “leave a dot and I’ll tell you wether I want to be your friend, dislike you, would kiss you, would go on a date with you, would have a spa day together etc” Alot of options both females and guys would have the curiosity to leave the dot to find out. As you can imagine a bunch of horny guys started leaving dots. At the time I asked her what the fuck she thought she was doing and she was actually understanding and said she didn’t think before posting.

  10. Yea I did tell him recently. He says he understands. He says maybe I will meet her next month. But we’ll see if that happens ?

  11. It kind of goes without saying that people who think a man grooming a young girl is bad, think grooming is bad in general.

    But since YOU actually saw this post, did you also comment “she was good enough not to take advantage of him, isn't that enough”? Since clearly you know it's wrong, but it's only condemnable when you can use it to fit your double standards.

  12. Also, based on your comment history, you are not really faithful anyway. Leave this girl alone, get yourself some help.

  13. We were different countries by the time I found she was already 18 so I couldn't control what was being told as a lie or the truth

  14. He honestly needs to get over it. These are his insecurities and you’re not responsible for them. You weren’t talking about him and why would he want to be so big he hurts you? That’s insane this is all his gross ego, you reassured him as much as any person could, you made it clear you love having sex with him but for some reason h s not believing you. That’s his problem.

  15. You lost me at the “started

    when I started dating my now husband, I hoped James would finally say something. But he didn’t.

    You played yourself honestly, he COULD have said or done something but so could you, and you chose to play some game. Because of that you lived a, I assume from your post, a somewhat unhappy/unsatisfied life.

    You now, perhaps, have another opportunity to do what you should've done 20 years ago.

    I wish you the best and may you find happiness in your decisions.

  16. She lied because she wants your husband. Ask him if he ever would have thought all of those things from anything you yourself have said or done. If you have been consistently faithful, loving and happy with him, why would she repeatedly tell him otherwise? If she had his best interest truly at heart, wouldn't she be trying to bolster his confidence and encourage his marriage? Instead, she is undermining his confidence and placing doubt in his mind, things that can easily push a marriage into trouble. See if you can get him to see that her behavior is not that of a friend. It is the behavior of a person with an agenda who doesn't care if they hurt others.

  17. Honestly, if he likes fingering his butt but doesn’t show any interest in being attracted to men, then he obviously has been watching too much porn. Think about this, for years you two have the same sex, but then he watches porn, but he doesn’t watch the whole movie as he has the whole sex with you. He only looks for the most explicit and hardcore and nasty moments and then he jacks to it. Over time regular porn won’t be enough and he will start looking for different stuff. Maybe he even wonders how the woman feels during anal so he wants to test it on himself, hence the fingering.

    In my opinion, porn shouldn’t be involved in sexual life. I used to have problems getting hard or finding sex interesting because I was so into porn and sex was just too slow, I wanted the hardcore stuff immidiately. But damn it sure feels good to get horny for the person you’re about to have sex with. Porn really removes this factor a lot.

  18. I feel like even if you bother dating him you will always be wondering if he’s with someone else. Especially the fact that he’s long distance may drive you crazy. And I wouldn’t start out with someone LD. But have more confidence in yourself if not it will show and make you seem less attractive.

    So ask yourself, now that you aren’t even dating him and you already feel this way. What happens if you guys do date?

  19. Hard to get into his head here. It's possible that given how little regard you were showing for his physical comfort, he was just acting to ensure you weren't going to hurt him again.

    It's possible that given how little regard you were showing for his emotional comfort, he pushed you out of anger. Which, yes, is extremely concerning.

    Either way, you need to figure out what made you antagonize him after you hurt his leg. It's not a healthy dynamic. It reads to me (and probably to him) like you're angry about something and letting it come out like this.

  20. Agreed. Obviously, the consent issue is important.

    But honestly, what kind of seduction move is it to start using someone’s hand for a hand job? Just gross. He sounds like the kind of guy who shoves a woman’s head in his crotch to demand blow jobs.

  21. You were invited, not your affair partner. Either you go and support your son solo or shut the f up!! This is your son's day, not yours.

  22. Homie she said anal and you broke out the tiny men crawling all over her while you eat them out of her pussy fantasy? You’re a brave one.

  23. Unfortunately you are right it can. This is why I never feel married to my opinions. Opinions here are limited to what we are informed of. I consider mine to be tentative, pending further info

  24. Thank you for those subs. After our therapy session he definitely understood that it was cheating. He said –

    “I didn't mean to gaslight you. Truly I just didn't know that this was cheating. emotional affairs had never been something I understood or heard of before it sounds stupid, but its true. But now I see now ignorant I was of that. I was dishonest and irresponsible. And I will always feel regret and shame for it I'm sorry for what I did to you. It was the last thing you ever needed”

    To repair- I have done the following: * I have already been going to individual therapy for years due to adhd and complex ptsd and after a short break I am going back soon again.

    *He was the one suggesting marriage counselling for this and we have started it.

    *There is open phone policy as he never put a password on his phone but I just didn't want to check in the past without him present.

    *He is well aware that if anything like this ever happens, I am done for good. I will not hesitate as I can move past it once but 2 times shows a pattern.

    Thank you again!

  25. Why are you friends with someone interested in different things?

    You either are friends for a reason or it’s come to an end. (Nothing to do with your different values).

    If you can’t be accepting then you answered your question and it’s time to stop being friends. Just be acquaintances. Friendly but no more.

    You are surrounded by people that don’t agree with your views. You still have to get along.

  26. Why are you friends with someone interested in different things?

    You either are friends for a reason or it’s come to an end. (Nothing to do with your different values).

    If you can’t be accepting then you answered your question and it’s time to stop being friends. Just be acquaintances. Friendly but no more.

    You are surrounded by people that don’t agree with your views. You still have to get along.

  27. Most of them have some sort of empathy as well though. It’s a simple “what’s going on, why don’t you seem to want to do this with me” conversation.

  28. Can you clarify how he’s still contacting you about nudes if you blocked him? Trying to get context. Like is he going up to you on campus, making fake social media accounts to DM you, getting fake numbers like google numbers to text you since you blocked his original number, email?

    Are these really close shared friends? Bc if they were my true friends I’d call his bitch ass out so quick. But also the chance of him retaliating would be a big headache to worry about as well. Bc butthurt boys can get so vindictive when they are in the wrong.

    I just want to say I’m sorry you’re going through this. It’s gotta be extremely frustrating and annoying. This guy is grade A scumbag. Also sorry you’re frustrated by the replies of many but you didn’t give much context and unfortunately a lot of people who post here are naive af so it makes sense why ppl assumed you haven’t blocked him.

  29. Yeah, basically what happened is this. Your gf's bf told her to come to their wedding but without you and your gf is okay with it. They are telling her, we are not okay with your partner coming, we don't respect your relationship. Your gf doesn't mind.

  30. we bonded like rick and that sl*t dragon

    That's a terrible analogy. Look how that relationship ended.

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