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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. You don’t have to prioritize your partner 100% of the time. That’s not healthy either. Graduations are boring as all hell, and those tickets were not easy tickets for anyone to get. She had her plans before they knew the graduation date, so it’s not like she went out of her way to plan something on top of the graduation.

    She should take OP out for a special celebration before or after the concert.

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  3. Not such a small thing. 18+ years of legal financial obligation and emotional output. Trust but verify is well justified. The mother never has to wonder if they are the mother.

    Heck, if a man can’t have an opinion on abortion because he can’t get pregnant, then a woman can’t have an opinion on a DNA test as she never has to question her own paternity.

  4. Yep and if she is in education visa then the school should where she goes to find accommodation for 3 months once lease is up not expect a guy you have been dating for two months to allow you to move in.

  5. When I was nineteen I fell down a floor down and elevator shaft while on shrooms in an abandoned Tuberculosis hospital and then had the same exact thing in the same exact place happen to me the next weekend.

  6. If your plan is to get married, it’s time to talk about finances

    Also time to be honest with your finance about your feelings. Unless you want to hide and lie about them for the rest of your life or relationship

  7. Thank you, you're right about that.

    I've started exercising recently which has helped and at times cleared my head.

    It's just quite difficult to squash those feelings as we're both quite entwined into each others life's. Messaging daily, cooking food, cuddling on the sofa while watching TV etc.

    But you're definitely right though, I should focus on myself more and my weight has always been a huge issue which has effected my sex life and relationships to the point that I've avoided both for many-many years.

  8. Even if blocking him “won’t do”, have you blocked him? Just because you don’t think it would stop him doesn’t mean you can’t block him. A little awkwardness in your friend group is much better than constantly being harassed.

    And honestly, if you think your friend group would be awkward about you blocking someone who’s harassing you, I’d rethink the friend group. Real friends will have your back, especially if that means turning their back on someone else in the group for being a creep.

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