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  1. That’s what I’ve really started to doubt. I just don’t know if she wants it to work as much. I feel like maybe it’s been too much a fight to get her time this early on. I don’t feel like it should be this hard if you both want each other.

  2. Word of advise. Don’t ask if she’s mad at you. You have plenty of reason to be upset as well, but don’t make this about you and your concerns with your sister. She’s going through a lot, and while the need to know might be nagging at you, just ignore it for now, and simply be a shoulder to cry on when she finally needs it. She might just need space at the moment to process everything. It might be too much emotionally. Just give her time.

  3. Because i know it would hurt sleeping next to him knowing he’s slept with someone else.

    This is a pretty big indicator that opening up the relationship so he can essentially cheat on you to experience what it's like being with a man is not gonna work out. If he wants to explore that and you aren't comfortable with it, then you guys need to break up.

    I put his wants first

    This is incredibly unhealthy behavior. It's absolutely fine to fulfill someone's wants, but not at the expense of your own mental health. Does he ever put your wants first? How often do you go along with things that you're uncomfortable with just so he can get what he wants? How often do you put yourself second? Your wants and desires are just as important as his. And if you don't feel that they are, then you would do well to get into therapy.

    him not helping me face HIS feelings

    You can't force someone to face their feelings. You cna try all you like, but at the end of the day, he's got to want to do it. And I really honestly think you should be focusing on your own feelings because your post points to a codependent attachment to this guy and it's not healthy.

  4. I don’t know about forgive, but he’s not going to leave. You’re his ticket to coasting through life mooching off you. Is this a life you want? He’s shown more than once that he’ll talk the talk but won’t do the work. If he won’t try, nothing is going to change for the better. If anything, he now has another way to manipulate and guilt you into getting what he wants. I would change your question to yourself from can it be saved to should it be saved. Your behaviour with TA is wrong and you need to do better in future relationships, but at the core the failings in your relationship led you to these choices. Find and fix the real problem, and don’t base your decision of memories that are far in the past but ask if this is a life you want going forward.

  5. Don't give her the ring?

    If you really did love her just walk away. She will never mature if you reward her for allowing the opinions of strangers to sway her heart. The only answer is to walk away. The pain and regret will help her mature.

    That said I can't say she really did love you. Love can not be crippled under the weight of others opinions.

  6. You are having feelings for the person he was in his teens. You don’t know anything about him now, how he has mature or anything like that. You are just after somebody who doesn’t exist. Even you aren’t the same that you were. Stop fantasizing about somebody that is not real.

  7. Yes~ I've talked to him expressing my feelings, but he says she's just a friend. And nothing is going on :c

  8. So you had a girl friend who “tricked” you and you think nothing is up? Dude, she has started to have feels for you and your date knew it.

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