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  1. If you love him that much, why not just get a different job and stop making him need to worry. I think any guy at all would worry if there girlfriend was a stripper and even if he did trust you it would bother him forever.

  2. This part, it’s your body. He has no bearing on what you do with it. If he has an insecurity HE needs to talk about it instead of projecting.

  3. You all ready know what to do with the dog, I love dogs and I will do whatever it takes. But as a Mon of a 21 yo girl let me tell you that I am worried about your sister, her personality and future. I think that your parents should do something to help her, she is young and the way she is going is not good. Beating a living creature that belongs to her brother is something big, there must be a lot of fear and hate in her heart. Help your dog but don't forget your sister

  4. Who said anything about being a pedo? You guys should be in two different places and maturity in life, yet here you are with the mentality of a 18 year old.

  5. If you want to get married before you have kids, what’s your timeline for marriage? You’re both in your mid 20s, you’ve been together half a decade, you should be talking about that. Does she agree with your timeline for marriage? Does she want to get married at all? Do you want to marry her?

    It seems like she’s been petty straightforward about what she wants (baby > marriage, asap) but your post doesn’t mention much about what you have in mind. If you want to marry her, but say not until you’re both 30, she needs to know that so you can both make decisions with all the relevant info.

  6. You want to hear the last thing in the world that you want to hear right now? You probably will ruin the friendship. Not if she turns you down. There will be some awkwardness for a few weeks or so, but you'll be able to hold your head high knowing that you took a shot. A relatively safe shot at that.

    The downside is that most relationships don't work out. And then you probably will go your separate ways. But that's part and parcel with the dating game. You have to reel one in after another until you find the right one. That's just the reality of it.

    But you know what, fuck my blathering. I'm distracting you. Right now, it's worth the risk. And the risk is small while the payoff is big. Even if she doesn't end up being the one, it doesn't mean the relationship won't be worth it. Take a few Xanax and go for it.

    And remember. You're 20. Anybody who claimed to have nerves of steel when asking girls out at 20 is full of shit. I'm 46 and I still get a little nervous. Everything will turn out fine.

  7. I’m not talking about the dressing up part, I’m talking about how you feel about the relationship depending on which day of the cycle you are at.

  8. Again, not how this works. He has a right to know his children. CS will be reckoned with as a part of that in family court, but visitation will not be contingent on immediate payment.

  9. That’s a really valid reason to feel like you do. My parents initiated and stopped divorcing each other three(?) times. It was messy, and the yelling and tension in the house even stressed our cat so much that she was pooping on the floor instead of the litter box. You know the effect is real when an animal that doesn’t speak English or grasp the concept of divorce is stressed, right? It can be really tough to try to hold it together.

    You recognize that your siblings are trying to protect their own emotional state, but what steps are you taking to protect yours? Are you letting your parents rant to you? Are you listening when they fight? Are you taking part in the mess by weighing in on conversations? Some strategies to put some distance between yourself and their problems could help lighten the emotional load you are feeling. I know it won’t just magically go away completely, but it does dramatically help when you are able to compartmentalize what they are doing as something that is THEIRS to deal with. Treat it more like you have two roommates that are bickering and you are going to be Switzerland(neutral) and go for a walk instead. You can love and care about them without their mess having to be your mess.

  10. Dang, that stinks. Hopefully I don't get made fun of too much at work because of it. Really hoping that my eye is back to normal before the week is over.

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