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  1. Exactly! If he wasn’t cheating his reaction would’ve been less accusatory as he would’ve understood how it could’ve potentially looked!

    If it happened to me I know my reaction would’ve been along the lines of “wait, you found what? Haha oh yeah that place I haven’t stayed there in years. I can’t believe what you must’ve thought when you found it! If I found something like that I would’ve worried you might’ve been cheating so I’m glad you trusted me enough to just ask me about it instead of getting too concerned about it that way I could explain what happened. If you’re still worried I understand, is there anything I can do to help ease your concerns?”

  2. I used to be friends with druggies in highschool, I never did any except pot from a dispensary, every single person I knew in highschool that did more than marijuana, shrooms, or peyote either died from OD or Suicide or had their lives spiral into ruin.

  3. If they are so wealthy ask them to pay for it. I have no pride. I would say “since I'm a nurse and yall are doctors you can cover this $335 for me, k thnx bye” if you are not like me and you actually have dignity then just tell them you cant go.

  4. Move on, as you should have in September. You said you aren't comfortable with his basic life choices, a break up is logical. He survives by doing/dealing drugs, if you don't respect that then it wasn't on track for something serious. Long distance relationships are tough. Ghosting you was him moving on and very disrespectful by not talking to you.

  5. What do you find in clubs? Sexual immorality. God said that if you lust for a woman in your heart(that isn't your spouse) than you've already committed adultery in your heart.

    We know that in any adultery it takes two to tango. The woman who presents herself in a way to entice a man will answer for her part.

    The new nature/born again takes that desire away.

  6. It sounds like you're already basically in a very low to no contact situation. So maybe you don't need to do anything more. It might feel good to you in the moment to do something dramatic and feel you're putting a final end to any relationship whatsoever with your family. But that's not what you want. You want to remain civil with your sister who lives locally and one assumes you want relationships with your nieces/nephews when they become adults. So the less you do = the better. Your mum and the siblings who live around here are barely speaking to you anyway so just leave it at that. There's no need for some performative flourish here to vent your rage at them. Try to be mature about this.

  7. Advice? Yeah, dump him. That’s not normal behavior. A healthy person doesn’t cut their partners hair while asleep to force them to get a new hairstyle.

  8. Yeah, they have made at least a handful of accounts the last few days for this that I've noticed. There's even a new post from them now at the top of the page. Please report them so the Admins can perma-ban them.

  9. Him doing that and thinking that way isn't about you, so it doesn't matter that you don't do it to him. He would probably think and do the same with any other woman he was dating. This is a Him problem, not a You or an Us problem.

    There's nothing you can do to fix him.

  10. A better way to do it is to approach her in person and initiate contact.

    Establish a little bit of a friendship and then ask for the Instagram.

  11. “I hope no one ever has to rely on her for any caregiving.” Well, yeah! She looks for examples on PH instead of YouTube. She’d be terrible and most anything with that little sense.

  12. Did you read my comment? I have adressed it both, apology is useless asvthese are only words. Words are cheap and can mean nothing. She should quit her job asap if she wants to stay with you. No compromises or half measures.

  13. People with different family dynamics can have a hard time understanding each other.

    We can’t tell from your post if your family is terrible but you can’t tell because it’s normal to you or if your boyfriend is being overly sensitive.

    I can tell you that my family hardly argues and any arguments we do have are calm and quickly resolved. I’ve dated people who would fight with their parents, and no amount of them telling me it was fine made me feel comfortable with it because it just felt so awful to me.

    Can you give examples of what caused the arguments and how they went?

  14. Hey I would really appreciate some advice on what I should do about my boyfriend. We have been dating for 6 month and a few days ago he blew up on me really bad. His friend is in the hospital and he is going through a stressful time

    And yet all he can do is whine and throw a massive tantrum because the poor little BBy didn't get a vawentines pwesent?

    Also he’s never introduced me to any of his friends.

    Doesn't want them to know he isn't single.

    Meanwhile I brought him into my life and introduced him to all my friends.I ended up breaking up with him on the phone after he stormed out of my house and called me to continue the argument on the phone.

    Yeah, fuck that specisl-snowflake type emotional diarrhea.

    You did the right thing.

    I know he’s going through it but I just get red flags from this unwarranted argument. He wants to talk

    Tell him he did all the talking he needed to do last night and then kept talking out of turn, Now he needs to shut up and listen: it's over.

    and said he was sad and when he is sad he blows up

    The death of my friend might cause me to be a little insensitive or to ignore people. Being “sad” doesn't cause me to turn into a raging agressive shitstorm. It doesn't rob me of my ability to apologize.

    Your ex is just an asshole.

  15. to the point where I just get dressed and go asleep to stop arguing.

    This gives him an out. It makes it easy for him to just ignore this. Why not? He can just wait for you to do this, and not have to do anything.

    Do you have your own place, or are yall living together?

  16. I mean what was he going up every weekend for? To parent a child with no authority and zero time together.

  17. If you’d have been honest with your wife from the get go, you wouldn’t be in this mess. You should understand that continuing this friendship is a risk to the relationship because it’s a friendship you’ve lied about and hidden from your wife. Now it’s a source of lost trust and stress in your marriage. You’re wife’s request is very valid.

  18. It is easy to be a part time parent when you get your full nights sleep regularly, have no post-partum depression/ hormonal turbulences and get to hand the baby back to their parents when you are sick or otherwise indisposed.

    Also it's easy to watch others do the work.

    Kids are not a tool to heal you.

    If the parents are okay with it and could use a breather, offer to take the baby for a week. Take time off work and let your GF teach you how to care for the kid on day one. Then you take over the responsibility for childcare for a week and send your GF to hang out with friends to only be bothered in emergencies. Could you raise a child on your own should your GF not survive childbirth? For the mother or child to die is still a possibility that needs to be looked at. Who will take your kid if you both were to keel over? You said that you both cannot rely on family.

    To me it seems like you are craving the love and care you never got growing up and using the baby as a vehicle. That does not need to be bad but maybe adress fixing the source instead of slapping on a baby-shaped band-aid.

    I do not mean to kick you down but i ask that you consider what i wrote.

  19. Now you have specific examples to discuss with a therapist. You also need to set boundaries since your behavior obviously crossed a line for him.

  20. Go get an STI test ASAP because his wanting an open relationship while not trusting you just screams that he has already been having sex with other people and is trying to legitimise it. (I wrote this as my conclusion, but copied it up here because it's important. Go get tested!)

    FFS just break up and move on. Your BF is rubbish, manipulative controlling rubbish, and the cherry on top of the trash Sunday is you're sexually incompatible.

    Do yourself a humongous favour, just dump the chump, do it right now. He wants to have sex with other women but you mustn't look at other men – this is never going to work. It's toxic. He's pushing you into something that he wants. Just stop.

    Break up now, all you're doing at this point is going to get hurt while he has sex with tons of other women, and you will eventually break up with him when it's destroyed your self-esteem and soul. Break up. Tell him you are worth more than this, you deserve better. Then block him and don't look back. He will try manipulating you with sad puppy eyes, telling you it's only sex with other women, he loves you…. no, no he really doesn't. In fact, go get an STI test ASAP because his wanting an open relationship while not trusting you just screams that he has already been having sex with other people and is trying to legitimise it.

  21. I believe all US states that still acknowledge common law require you to present yourself as husband and wife to be common law married. ie him saying you’re not my wife is enough.

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