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  1. He’s an insecure controlling manbaby. I’m a dancer and have a bf whose perfectly okay with it and knows i can put the money i make towards jump-starting my investing and other future careers and schooling. There will be a guy out there for you.

  2. While generally I would agree that asking for a paternity test from your longer term partner is shitty (as long as there’s no reason to not trust you), this scene looks suspicious as hell. Firstly I’d be mad as hell if my boyfriend was cuddling with his friends, that right off the bat would be cheating for me. On top of the cuddling your friend was literally in just a towel. If you want to salvage your relationship and vindicate yourself you need to do the paternity test. Otherwise prepare to be dumped and your child abandoned.

  3. No, I think I would’ve just preferred that she were more open to rescheduling. Because I’m totally not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, it just feels weird that she’s so cool just partying on without me without trying to meet me in the middle.

  4. Thank you for making me not feel like an emotionless asshole. I’m very empathetic and don’t need to prove why. (yet feel oddly attacked and like I might need to…) I’ve held his hand and wiped his tears more times than I can count. But I can’t help but feel annoyed when he starts up again. I always end up coming back to him after a while and asking him if he’s okay or apologizing for not being there more but I also explain that it’s hard for me too – I don’t know what to say. I run out of words- I say the same ones every time.

  5. Thank you I’m definitely going to have a talk with her this arvo when I see her. My main concern is that she’s feeling guilty for something but I don’t know whether that’s just me overthinking it too much. When we were talking about it she wasn’t really answering any of my questions and obviously she was upset so I was trying to comfort her instead of just find out why this has happened but hopefully now that she’s had a bit of time to think about it we can have a proper conversation about this and get to the bottom of it

  6. Up to you how you deal with it. But start by looking at the facts.

    She lied to you before going on schoolies She lied to you when she returned She kept lying for the last year.

    At any point before, during or after her trip she could have told you the truth, and didn’t.

    As she is a proven liar, her apologies are shit Her feelings of guilt are shit Her excuse of wanting to let loose before being restricted is shit, what she’s actually saying is she wanted to have fun before she settled.

    Have you had an STI test? If not you should.

    There doesn’t seem to be much to warrant keeping a relationship with her.

  7. There's never really a good time to say this. It's too early on the first date, the moment you're about to have sex, it's too late. That makes it difficult, he may not have expected that the sex moment will come now.

    He may find it annoying that you decided not to have sex at that moment, but you don't owe him sex. And it's quite a bit, what he said. If he was already a “full man”, you might have moved on, but maybe you wouldn't. If he's really making such a big deal out of this, then he may not be the right one anyway. That has nothing to do with him being trans, but everything to do with him being angry, that you didn't want sex at that moment.

  8. Awww, little man got his feelings hurt.

    Grow up dude. The fact you're on here admitting you're insecure of another man and also your desire to prove to me, a total stranger, that you're of “high value” proves you're an insecure and weak boy. Go off with your one trick insults though!

  9. He’s not gonna take it well, no matter how you put it. But at least this way you can say what you want to say, without telling him you want to duck strangers. No guy ever wants to hear that his girl wants to go out and have sex with other people. Single or not.

    So just leave that out. He will beg, he will try to negotiate, he will be bitter and may even lash out. But if this is truly what you want, then do it. Do it fast and break away faster. You do not want to be dragged in.

    Ask him for space, and give him space. Do not answer his messages for a while and allow yourself to grieve the loss of the relationship before you go and do what you plan to do.

    He might move on as well, he might now. But don’t be surprised how much of him you will miss and how it will hurt you if you see or hear that he’s out and enjoying the single life. The grass is always greener on the other side, but sometimes the grass is fake and we made the bad choice.

    I’m saying this not to discourage you, but to try and give you both sides of the breakup.

    This is coming from a dude who’s been dumped for the same reasons that you’re about to dump the guy. Long term, it’ll benefit him more than you.

  10. My main worry, was that yea, I feel great with her, and I love her, and I am 100% sure she loves me and respects me. I WANT to make plans with her, I feel she is the one. Its the voice in the back of my head, that sounds exactly like you, saying, “what if?” and it makes me scared to love her. Right now everything seems “butterflies and rainbows” but what if something happens a year down the line? The only reasons I have gotten this far with her in terms of financially helping her, is because I can say with confidence that I will not have any financial issues, at all, of course the few K I am spending on her may matter down the line, but what if it works out? And if we break up, her soul is good, I know it, her family is low income, and anything I give her will benefit her and her family.

    You are right that I should not pay her to save, I saw it as a way to sneak her a few dollars but I realize its kind of inappropriate, however, how could I say no to her now? I think I will keep my promise at least for 1K.

    She is a permanent resident and is becoming a full citizen this year.

  11. gf sounds emotionally manipulative. lol at ppl who are saying to take the 350 and do something nice for her. literally all this dude wanted was to buy himself a watch and now she has to buy it bc her feelings matter more and then on top he has to reward her for that? you all are taking crazy pills

  12. Yup. IMO, your best bet right now is to pack your bags, book a flight to your home state and chalk that relationship up to experience. Good luck, you sound like a well-rounded person so my guess is you’ll be fine.

  13. gf sounds emotionally manipulative. lol at ppl who are saying to take the 350 and do something nice for her. literally all this dude wanted was to buy himself a watch and now she has to buy it bc her feelings matter more and then on top he has to reward her for that? you all are taking crazy pills

  14. If it feels wrong to you, it probably is wrong. There’s a reason it’s sticking in your mind, despite your comments kinda defending him. You seem really reasonable and maybe you’re picking up on whatever sketchy shit he’s pulling with this list thing.

    I read through a bunch of these comments speculating on why he did this, and none of them feel quite right to me. But it is super weird regardless and feels 200% off to me as well. I just got a huge rush of ick reading the explanation you gave.

    I don’t really have advice other than trust your gut. It’s telling you there’s something wrong here. Would you give him a list of names of guys that were slightly flirty with you, completely unprompted? I’m guessing not, you’d just distance yourself from them because you’re in a relationship and that’s uncomfortable. Or you’d bring it up casually or jokingly maybe, but not like a weird sit down convo where you LIST NAMES. That’s so weird. If you wouldn’t do that or think it’s weird, I’d encourage you to think the same of him

  15. Don't text A. An interaction with her has to happen naturally, in your adult lives, as individuals. Texting A is as an ex. Having a natural conversation is as an adult.

  16. It also could've screwed with her labor by adding a bunch of stress. It could've changed how safely things went for mom and baby.

  17. He kept saying how I was his favorite

    I mean, this line might seem cute but to me it sort of shows that he does a lot of this. Even if it isn't hollow flattery and you do happen to be his favourite [it is plausible] it is also not really saying you're the only one. If anything it implies the opposite.

    So yeah, it was a fun experience but I think he tried to make clear that while it was intense it was still just a hookup or that he will continue doing this anyway.

  18. Not trying to be mean and certainly congratulations on your successes but something in this just seems off to me. My guess, without knowing anything about you, your world, or your life is that there is some other factor besides money at play here. Either you are monumentally horrible at picking people who aren't pathetic or there is some other personality trait that becomes off-putting to these guys, or some mix of both. The way you write seems aggressive and almost confrontational about what you have overcome and how independent you are and your expectations of people. Is it possible that you are doing something without knowing it? Some attribute that makes people want to back away? What are your red flags? Everyone has some, what are yours?

    You are getting a ton of advice, mostly pointing in the same direction, I'm just offering another perspective you can examine.

  19. He literally said he hates you. How can you possibly show your daughter what a healthy relationship is if you’re not in one. What he did was basically decide to torture you. He’s already planned everything. What a monster.

    You know what you need to do. Instead of contemplating you could be starting a new life. You have this power, you just haven’t harnessed it yet. Time to get going.

  20. So you essentially say that my wanting personal space whilst working full time, raising a child and fighting illness is unreasonable and my move makes me controlling? My being hospitable was me just being me. I avoid conflict, I admit that.

  21. Yes, you’re right I know I need to not indulge in his behavior and hold a stricter line… There is actually a couple of confidants in the department but they aren’t supposed to know. I can’t pose as one of them, because he will still know that it’s me that whistleblowed. I will try to focus on myself more for sure while I sort out how to get the message through in a safe manner….

  22. Ever heard of “lying with statistics”? Go watch “The global warming swindle,” the worst documentary ever.

  23. To be fair, we were both raised in a sheltered environment. We both work in healthcare so schooling was a huge part of our formative years that we missed out a lot on growing up.

  24. The cat that passed was only a year and a half and the breeder offered to give us another.

    What did the cat pass from?

    Because the cynic in me thinks that you got a kitten from a shitty breeder who treats them like they're just items to be replaced.

  25. No. It’s ok if something caught you off guard and you need a couple days to get your thoughts together in order to explain the truth. Beyond a week, it’s just you being a coward and choosing not to tell the truth, which makes it a lie at that point. “I was worried you’d break up with me” is the lamest excuse in the book.

  26. I can't help you with that, but can you perhaps unprotected sex in definitely safe days, perhaps with after pills, if you can't be sure?

    You know you will get sex without condoms a few days per month, making it feels special, and giving you specific occasion to have sex in that specific time, making it your tradition together.

  27. If she's with you, kiss her. If she's not with you, a previous comment about not asking for someone's opinion is great. I'm a big fan of just giving someone a blank stare. It makes them uncomfortable and they will most likely go away.

  28. Wait, why does he think you're a virgin? Has he never asked you if you've been with people previously? Why have you never corrected him?

    This is so bizarre. Just tell him.

  29. Two things come to mind… 1. She was either thinking of work whilst having sex with you. Not good. 2. She was thinking of him whilst having sex with you. Still not good.

    However, we are human. We make mistakes. Give her the benefit of the doubt and forget about it. Until something more substantial happens.

    Don’t throw away a good thing for a possible slip of the tongue on her behalf.

  30. Not really manipulative considering she hid the fact that she is a virgin and has been actively avoiding having sex because she is embarrassed and doesn't want to be honest about it. Him wanting to have sex with her is completely reasonable and her not giving him an actual reason why they are not doing it is basically her leading him on from his perspective.

  31. Know that for many, mental illness doesn’t manifest until late teens early 20s and that is what appears to be going on with your bf.

    His thought distortions are strong right now and it’s ok to acknowledge that it isn’t good for either of you to be in a relationship together until he makes progress in his treatment

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