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  1. Yeah that is worth asking about, but I also kinda took that to mean she wanted to hook up with the guy, and her friends were trying to talk sense into her. I mean it sounds like everyone was drinking. The problem with browning/blacking out is there is no sign that lights up on your face when it happens, so everyone knows. But I totally agree if he was sober or near it that’s a whole issue in itself.

  2. If you don't report him, you are actively enabling him to continue this behaviour with unknowing women in his life. If he works somewhere, he could very well do it there as well. This is unforgivable and you need to do something about it.

    He could even be selling the videos/photos.

  3. I feel like this is exactly what happens when someone that isn’t naturally romantic or thoughtful tries to be.

    If you’re planning an event for someone it’s truly for them and you really care about them then they are the centre of it and if they get upset or if they don’t feel like it or whatever, no matter how much time and effort you put in you have to be understanding that this was you projection about what they like and if they react differently to that you have to be accepting.

    You can keep surprises without it startling someone in the day. There is no reason why you couldn’t say to your GF hey could you have next Tuesday off I’m planning something.

    I would be devastated for something like a spa I’d be mad; if I had just spent time doing my hair in the last 24hrs, if I got my period, if I didn’t shave my legs, if I was worried about coming on my period, if I was wearing my high waisted trousers that leave red marks on my stomach, if I didn’t bring spare underwear, if I didn’t have my cleanser with me, if I was having a feel ugly in my body day, if my boyfriend had the audacity to speak for me to my manager without consulting me, if I’d had a lazy work morning and was planning to cram in the arvo, if I’d told a client/colleague I would contact them in the afternoon, for example.

  4. Unlesdls he changes its either that or a lonely life where you get accused of being a cheat/disloyal.

    Does he have friends that are girls btw?

  5. If she's SAHM and she doesn't mind your son being in child care (which is good if she's constantly irritated with him) I can see why she's getting more and more irritated and frustrated. She would have other things to focus on if she went back to work. I've seen it before, a discontented miserable woman gets a job and her mood improves.

    Seeing you can't talk directly to her I suggest you write her a letter and send your son out to grandparents for a night so you can discuss. Tell her the SAHM thing isn't working for either of you and you think she should get a job. If there's no improvement you will consider separation and divorce because you've reached your limit.

    If the above doesn't work I think you'd better get serious about divorce and possibly custody. But hopefully it will shock her into action.

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