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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Everyone deserves a person that respects them; it seems like your girlfriend should be more understanding of your concerns if she cares about your feelings.

    You've been together 10 months, sure, but that isn't a very long time. The fact that you were “exclusive” and she still put herself in that situation is a very bad sign.

    Personally, I'd walk away. There are more fish in the ocean. If you don't respect yourself then no one else is going to do it for you. Don't end up with someone you can't trust; you're literally setting yourself up for failure.

  2. Yeah I have confronted him and when he’s doing these things I’ve been like.. dude.. you have a girlfriend. To which the answer is along the likes of “a man’s got to eat” etc. I even tried to put the shoe on the other foot as asked if he would be cool if she was doing the same thing. He obviously said no, and that it was different. (Obviously it’s not).

    He says he would happily marry this girl and not tell her about anything that’s happened. I think that’s when I was like. Okay this has gone too far and someone life and future could be messed up by him.

  3. I think it's stunning, and it looks like an engagement ring to me. I would have thought it's quite common to use coloured precious stones for engagement rings, it's only the DeBeers marketing that says it has to be a diamond.

  4. Yep, I hear you, I'm taking everyone's advice here.

    I know it's hard to believe, but at the beginning it seemed like we had roughly the same maturity level, and weren't far apart in our stages of life. She actually had more dating experience than me. I had only recently finished my schooling, and was working a crappy entry level job, while she was in the middle of her program, presumably only 2 years away from getting her own full time job.

    Of course, our differences have become so much more obvious since then, as my life kept moving on while hers stayed roughly the same.

  5. Just thinking ahead. I could see her saying ok let’s go grab a beer. In fear of me actually walking away.

    What would you do?

  6. This is how my mom is. She’s also a narcissist. Not saying he is one as well, but that’s surely a sign of a very selfish person that does not want to care for you.


  7. There is a huge difference between making new friends and going on a date. She specifically wants a 1 on 1 intimate meetup. 7pm at the beach? Get real. This isn’t her trying to make a new friend this is her trying to find out if this guy is worth leaving her boyfriend for. If it’s just a new friendship there shouldn’t be any issues including her bc or others.

  8. I’m not sure what to do.

    Marriage counseling and individual counseling.

    It seems like there was a switch, you (as a couple, but her specifically) need to figure out what it was.

    Does she dream of children herself? Does she feel like you don't spend enough time together? Does she feel like you don't appreciate or prioritize her? Her feelings need to be sorted for this to work.

  9. She is well on her way to ruining her own future unless she gets her behavior in check, now. Reporting her to her program now is far less likely to cause her lasting harm (and may do her lasting good) than letting her go out into the world, overstep boundaries with patients, lose her license, and actually hurt people.

  10. Thanks. Not going to lie, I was thrilled when she hit 18 and I could block all avenues of communication with him and let her manage her relationship with him on her own.

    She’s a smart kid though and is aware of her dad’s behavior. She is fierce about her boundaries and won’t hesitate to check him or anyone really. I love that about her.

  11. Yeah, I’ve had to call police on a drunk driver (I didn’t know them) and police were there within about 3 minutes. It helped the driver had driven up on a curb and couldn’t get their car moved in time so they were easily caught.

  12. If you don’t dump him for this dump him for being too old for you. Seems like pretty standard shitty behavior for a 30 year old dating a 20 year old…

  13. To be honest, I think most people just delete the apps not accounts. I haven't used a dating app in 8yrs but old account is probably still there somewhere. Unless you've got other reasons to believe he's unfaithful, this on it's own means nothing

  14. And I manage all that without using foul language.

    You get so emotional when folk are asked to take responsibility for the children they create.

    Wah wah wah, I was getting free labour for care of my kid and now I’m gonna have to pay for it, and I don’t wanna cos the mother of my kid was mean to me.

    It’s so fricking childish.

  15. Pull up and post the update! I think he’s definitely hiding something so regardless you should find out what that is .

  16. When met boyfriend both planned to be ambitious in careers and live a financially comfortable life but since he stopped his studies he has no interest in ever working, can this be fixed or should I end it before too late?

    Lastly he has had a very bad alcohol habit, last year it was at its peak and he gained about 40 pounds but he has gotten healthier here the past 6 months. I do not ask much from him, but when I do ask him to do something, like to complete an open task like replacing the debit card he lost he just will not do it. And things like this happen continuously he just will not do what I ask him and overall seems to procrastinate over the most simple life tasks.

    Congratulations, you're dating a toddler with limited executive function.

    This sounds very unromantic and if you want to break up, please do so.

    There's nothing wrong with wanting someone ambitious. And there's everything wrong with staying with a guy who needs to be mothered.

  17. He's not OP's wife's child either. And she is being asked to raise him at the expense of her four actual children. She is not obliged to do so.

  18. This would be a dealbreaker for me. I don’t judge people with STI/STD’s & it is not an automatic deal breaker for me, but not disclosing it is big problem 1 & going through with unprotected sex while knowing is big problem 2 for me.

    It’s a hard conversation to have, but if you care for someone you care about their health as well – that means mental, physical AND sexual health. To put them at risk without them knowing, I’d never ok.

  19. go on the trip, there have been no indications that you and this literal stranger would for some reason suddenly become attracted to each other and act on it. You are not magnets

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