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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Stop being his girlfriend and LEAVE him – you are 19 go and enjoy your life. This is manipulation for me – red flags everywhere here. You seem really smart and I think posting on here is to get confirmation from us all about what you need to do.

    You know what's best for you and we are all here to support you – good luck and update us please

  2. This will get infinitely worse if you two decide to have children together. Puppies are very difficult, but infants are a COMPLETELY different story, especially as you would be recovering from the pregnancy.

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  4. It was a joke and 100% connected to your convo. You are overreacting. I think you need individual therapy if you don't want to end up being the problem in an otherwise healthy relationship (based on what you're saying).

  5. This is incredibly important information. Wow. I thank you. I’m just curious, do you by chance have any studies on the after-trauma of Lyme? I’m not sure if it is his own doing but he is so depressed he missed the “university experience” and I’ve told him countless stories it’s not much to miss

  6. Thanks so much. I've been trying to drive since I was 15, I have my permit I just need someone to let me drive their car so I can get some practice. I'm getting paid like $3 above minimum wage right now, but the city I live in has a really high cost of living. Getting a second job might be a good idea.

  7. I’m sorry but what is your question? Do you want to salvage this relationship? Do you want to get advice on where to find housing? Do you want to confront him? Do you want to find the best way to scrap your child from the internet? Like what are you looking to have happen? It seems your post is focused on his exposure of your child in the internet more so than the double-life he fabricated?!?! Is my impression correct?

    Do you want to talk to his mom and tell her the truth about your child? I mean, can you even leave his home and go somewhere else? Do you feel unsafe?

  8. Hi, person with chronic depression here. So first of all I want to ask if your girlfriend is in therapy due to her mental health issues? I also want to say that there is a difference between being repulsed by sex and having no interest for it. Repulsion might indicate some sort of trauma while lack of interest might be a major symptom of depression or a side-effect of medication… I would say that your girlfriend should talk with her psychiatrist about changing medication or starting it?

  9. Well, then I think I did not understand you correctly. Like I have never said that I wanted or even hinted that I wanted to control or read minds. Your point sounds to me like this: If someone tells their partner most intimate secret to others, then it's ok because you can't know anyways what your partner feelings will be and you're not responsible for how other people feel about things you do.

    Of course the example is meant to be ridiculously extreme, it's just to point out that I must have misunderstood what you meant.

    While I just meant that knowing feelings is impossible but you can confidently enough to tell that if your partner will be hurt when you cheat/betray/dump them. And I just think she will hurt and that I still care about her feelings even if she acted like this. Because I have the whole picture of all her actions and words of these 4 years.

    P.S. Of course by putting her feeling first doesn't mean annihilating mines.

    Anyways thank you and have a nice week

  10. I think the term you're mistaking abortion for is “family planning.” Which, itself is sort of a misnomer. I used excellent logic. You said any form.” Did you not?

    Maybe choose your words more wisely.

  11. OP dated this guy for a year and is trying to make herself into the Main Character. The death of a child is worse than death for most parents. They have other things to worry about.

  12. Stop thinking about “what ifs”. There's an equal chance that since both of you came from broken homes you'd be bad for each other at that time.

    Sometimes things don't work out and would not have worked out.

    There's not just one “soul mate” in this world. There's probably a dozen people you could have had a happy life with.

    You're just experiencing a fantasy, not reality.

  13. I don’t like her boyfriend either but I’m civil and I talk to him. I don’t want him there but I deal with it. Knowing he’s there, makes me not want to spend time with them, but I do it for them. If I knew I wouldn’t regret not spending time with them if something happened to them, then I probably wouldn’t bother. Unfortunately, I know it would so I guilt myself into going with them :/

  14. Thank you, We did end up taking a break. I did feel insanely violated because I know the roomate was looking at me in that compromised situation. I think I will try to journal thank you, i hope it'll help

  15. Was your co worker abandoned by their mother. That can cause trauma for the child. And if he really young when it happens perhaps he sees his stepmom as his mother. Which would mean this girl is his full sister in his mind.

  16. That is because with cis individuals it is already known what is goin on under the belt. It is completely reasonable to expect a trans individual to specify which parts they have before engaging in sexual activities.

  17. Yeah it's totally unhealthy and exhausting. OP clearly doesn't care about his wifes feelings or boundaries. OP's wife doesn't understand the addiction either.

    That’s an unfair characterization. His wife is abusive. There is no porn addiction. Emotional abusive people will often zero in on any minor issues you struggle with and amplify it to the extreme. Especially if it’s something that’s embarrassing.

    This is a victim of abuse. Boundaries are limits you set for yourself. You don’t enforce them into other people. She could have left a long time ago. This isn’t about her boundaries it’s her insane need to control, isolate, and manipulate him.

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