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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. My cousin(a very gay man) was with his boyfriend for 5 years, his BF wanted to become a trans female, which he did! He became very pretty woman. Unfortunately my cousin didn't like it and broke things off, even though they were together for so long.

    Your GF started to date you because you are a female, not a male, and unfortunately there's a high chance that your GF will break things off with you because she wants to be with a female. It doesn't matter if you don't have surgery down there or not. When you start taking the hormones for the transition you are going to change a lot and not just your looks, your voice can get deeper, you might start having more of a male personality, etc, etc. Like your GF have already told you, she doesn't like men and doesn't want to be with one. So it's really up to you to decide what you want to do. Do you want to start the transition into a man but lost a good relationship? Or do you want to stay with your GF? Only you can make that decision, but just keep in mind big decisions like this will have consequences.

  2. Absolutely have to work primarily on the relationship. You’re also allowed to have boundaries, and that’s not controlling. Pursuing a guy she has a crush on is not working on the relationship and OP does not have to sit idly by and watch it happen in real time. She is the one who pointed out this is where she’s wanting to go. He doesn’t get to force her to do anything, but does get to have some say in what needs to be worked on for him to continue the relationship. It might be something she’s willing to accept or it might show that it’s time to part ways. It’s Facebook friends today, private messages tomorrow, work hangouts he’s not invited to next, where does he get to set the boundary without being controlling?

  3. Wut. Put most 22 and 26-year-olds together side by side and I dare you to notice who looks/acts older or younger. It's a perfectly reasonable age gap.

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  5. In her defense, I assume all her money is going to pay for law school. Which is a solid investment for the future…. But she's not demonstrating much common sense.

  6. I see where you are coming from, but feel if the genders were swapped, this would be body shaming and cancelled.

    Men have insecurities too and we should not be shamed for having them.

  7. Yep. if OP is reporting her words accurately, she telegraphed that something sexually inappropriate occurred. Then given the choice to drop dude, she rationalizes why she needs to stay in contact with him. Time to put her out.

  8. You can't pay alimony for someone else's ex wife and you can't pay child support for someone else's kids. Also why would you want to support this person even if you broke up?

  9. Honestly I would suggest the both of you going to therapy. You need to communicate how these accusations make you feel and she needs to deal with whatever is making her internalize her friends problems. Its normal and healthy to have empathy for your friends in bad situations but when they become stuck in a loop and can't move on, they might need the help in doing it.

  10. I mean crushes are normal in relationships, I never had one personally, but I think I would handle it by distancing myself from the person, focus on making the relationship with my spouse stronger, more date nights and just overall spending more time together

    Attraction is cheap biology, a small crush is cheap thrill nothing would compare to the connection I have built with my wife through purposeful work

  11. We have talked about it after sex like when we were cuddling and just laying next to each other just kind of mindlessly touching each other in a non sexual way.

  12. I would like to have a calm rational discussion. But I am in a very bad place right now and am reverting to old tendencies and ways of thinking that are not permitting that. Right now I wouldn't trust even the most realistic, practical answers he gives me.

  13. This is a boundary you gotta enforce. Also, why does BIL's family find unwanted practical jokes funny? Are they just going along with it not to upset anyone, or are they just not great people?

    I'd hire security and give them a description of BIL. If he arrives in costume, he's not coming in. If he arrives with a bag large enough to fit a full clown costume, he isn't coming in. That way you don't have to uninvite him but can have him removed with proof he was planning on being an ass against your wishes.

  14. He's using you for the free housing. He likely checked out a while ago. Sit him down and tell him he needs to find work within __ months or he needs to move out. If he's so unhappy in the relationship, then it would be better for him to live off of – I mean – with someone else.

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