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  1. Does he jerk off a lot or before sex? That can desensitize the penis. Usually it causes ED, but for some it just allows them to not orgasm. I think it has something to do with how hard guys grip during masturbation

  2. You have two choices here:

    1) Tell your wife that she needs to learn basic life skills because you're not going to do every little thing for her for the rest of your life

    2) Prepare yourself to carry the entire physical, mental and financial load in this marriage. Kids? You'll be paying for a nanny to raise them while you work extreme hours.

    Time for couples counselling however my gut tells me that she doesn't want to learn these skills. She's been catered to her entire life.. she won't want to give that up.

  3. I’m sorry this happened to you, and the conversation in the morning when you were both sober was cold and I wouldn’t want to be friends with this woman any more either. That being said, you both got drunk and went to her place together and had sex, and you were definitely a willing participant. That’s a casual hookup. If you now go to all your friends and say “I don’t like casual hookups, this is all her fault” I think you are going to get a lot of confusion and not a whole lot of sympathy.

    (And I would say the same thing if genders were reversed.)

    Let this go. Don’t lie for her if her boyfriend someday appears and asks about timing, but for now, don’t make a big stink about this because it frankly just makes you look bad (as a hypocrite) too.

  4. She broke up because she didn't feel important. The catalyst / excuse was the texts. In future relationships, focus on empathy.

    Good luck! ?

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  6. OP please look up what Narcissistic Personality Disorder is, because I think you have it. You are projecting your own emotionally manipulative behavior onto everyone around you (well, all the women around you anyway)

  7. Here’s my thing. He’s not ready for a serious relationship. After divorce, there is a mourning period. A period of time when someone discovers who they are without the previous relationship. This may take years. Without going through those steps, you’re always going to be living in her shadow. If you don’t want to be a rebound that ends badly, step back and let him go through his process.

  8. Along these lines, it's beyond disturbing that young lesbians are being shamed and told they're bigots because they don't want to have sex with a person who has a “woman penis.”

    LOVE that you took this opportunity to make the first paragraph of your response to OP, who is not a lesbian, all about a problem that somehow only TERFs have noticed ?

  9. You need to give it some time man. And start talking.

    Having a child is one of the biggest transitions in your life and naturally in your relationship too. All parents go through some degree of this when they have their first kid as they have to learn to cooperate under whole new circumstances.

    Communicate with her. Allow yourself to be mad if need be. But lay in the bed you made and put in the work. It’s much better for the kid if you are together, and the time during the pregnancy and while the child is an infant is NOT representative of the relationship you will have later. Please remember this.

  10. Her response that she’s normally a fun person and it’s making her into something she’s not makes me think of the scene from office space. “Well–well look. I already told you: I deal with the god damn customers so the engineers don't have to. I have people skills; I am good at dealing with people. Can't you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?”

  11. Yeah, I thought maybe it’s just because I’m getting old now but I always thought it was a single persons game myself, mainly because it was in my day!

  12. Some people are serial cheaters. It’s not like they don’t want to be monogamous, it’s just that they can’t. That’s why they’re so good at convincing you that they’re monogamous, because they want to believe they can, but they can’t. They live for the adrenaline rush and doing shit behind your back makes it all the more fun.

  13. It means she likely told you all kinds of things in conversation when you were first going through the breakup. Things like he ain’t shit, I’ll help hide the body, I’ll beat his ass, I’ll do whatever. Things that she doesn’t actually mean, but they often help someone who’s going through a breakup to feel better when they hear. It’s a very basic thing people do when trying to help a friend get over a break up. I personally think it’s dumb, but SO many people do it so often.

  14. I know, but it hurts to start over, or be single only to be disappointed again. I’m just tired of ending all my relationships so quickly but I’m just so tired of being made think he will change too.

  15. You are not responsible for her feelings. If she is shattered by not spending every second with you then that feels like a sign that she needs to back off.

    Boundaries are about your actions, not hers. She can react however she chooses to, that isn't up to you.

    “I am going to hang by myself at lunch today, Maddie, I need some time to myself. Let's plan to eat together on Wednesday, OK?” That is not cruel, that is not mean, you are not obligated to hang out with her every day.

    Pick one or two days that you have plan to have lunch with her and re-direct her to those days, save the other days for yourself.

    YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE BOUNDARIES. She doesn't have to like it. Probably her feelings will be hurt – that isn't your problem to solve.

  16. That's absolutely mortifying and I would have wanted to die on the spot if I were her. Take comfort in the fact that was probably one of the most embarrassing things that have ever happened to her and I doubt it's something she will ever look back fondly on.

  17. Or maybe don't stick your dick in someone you don't trust after 8 years? Very easy solution there. It's very easy to see why the women has the right to say “fine but If results are positive I'm leaving” because asking for that test with no proof is literally saying “Hey I don't trust you enough to believe you when you say this kids mine”

  18. If OP is dissatisfied with their sex life and the partner would rather fuck a toy…that seems like a pretty valid reason to end a relationship to me.

  19. Geez…sounds like a great guy. Why are u even asking for advice. The guy is crazy and if u do marry him he IS going to kill you and your family EVENTUALLY. Are u afraid now? Just wait until u r living under the same roof

  20. My skin just crawled so much, I'm pretty sure it just made it into the next suburb.

    I don't blame your GF for wanting to keep your dad away from future kids. That's not even in the same solar system as normal.

  21. yeah he mentions it often that he wants physical intimacy more. i just feel so strange like if im only good for that but we do have years together

  22. My (M25) girlfriend (F20) gave me this ultimatum pretty early on, when we were trying out living together. She told me that she needs to be able to rely on me, and needs me to be stable financially. Not to provide for her, but for her to be able to feel at ease about our relationship.

    It was very hard to hear, but I went and got organized. Got a pre-paid credit card to establish credit history. Handled some old debts that have gone to collection agencies. Got in a habit of paying bills as soon as they arrived.

    It was about 22 years ago, we are married, I have a credit score of about 800.

  23. Don't do the ADHD line. Damn, that excuse is so over used and bs. Many of us have it and not lazy entitled people who use it as an excuse to as out gf to make out bed. She is not your mom.

  24. The sooner you let go of this anger, the sooner will begin to heal. The only way to reclaim the space in your head that this POA occupies is to let go, possible consider marriage/solo counseling.

  25. Ehhh I dated a few of them. Not that uncommon. But I do tend to look for people with a solid sense of humor that have a lot of self confidence.

  26. Um, you're never old enough to have to be “dealing with this shit”. I hate the insinuation that as you age your standards obviously must be lowered.

  27. It sounds like regardless of the issue you want your boyfriend to be more validating and supportive. I would focus on that.

    Acknowledge that you dont know her intentions but regardless tell him that being around her is making you feel a little stressed. Ask that he just pull you into the conversation more, and just be a little more attentive when you guys are socializing around her. And for your part, try to just be warm with her.

    Ultimately I think issues with a partner's friends is always going to be a little vulnerable. If you have an issue in the future, I would try being really generous about the problem and bring it up in a matter of fact way. (i.e. I might be reading into things, but I feel like X maybe doesnt like me. She may not mean anything about it but when we interact, I feel like she has a tendency to exclude me.) Be clear about solutions you need. (i.e. It's making me a little uncomfortable but it would help if you could maybe bridge the gap some when we hang out. If you could make a point to include me more in conversation, I think I would feel better. And I'll try to keep an open mind and keep getting to know her.) It's so much better to come to a conversation with a clear path forward than just laying problems at someone's feet. Not that the communication mishaps are all on you- I would be so mad if my partner told me I was being immature. But just looking at your side and what you can contrl/change, I would start here.

  28. I’m sorry. That many unsent messages and him lying about it is a huge red flag. Suspicious that she can’t remember either the joke or claims to never have seen unseen messages.

    Your SO shouldn’t be sneaking around and lying. If they were just friendly for the kids it should also involve you and be no issue to discuss.

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