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  1. I think it's fine to have these friendships (not specifically him if something has made you uncomfortable), but your partner shouldn't feel ignored during time you're spending specifically with them.

  2. Your title isn't really accurate, because the sex work isn't an issue. It shouldn't be, anyway.

    But cheating on you during your relationship, if you were supposed to be exclusive at that point, is bad. Worse is that apparently your friends knew and kept it secret together. That's just not right.

  3. “I only hit you because I love you!” is what abusers say to their victims. You are an abuser.

    Yeah, it's shitty for your boyfriend to drive while high, but maybe you missed this childhood lesson: WE DON'T HIT OTHER PEOPLE.

  4. There is so many out there that could learn from your experience. So many stick with a waste of space of a guy, and get suckered by the trust argument. I think a good take home lesson is, when your partner is acting sneaky or strange, but try to guilt you with trust or insecurity, be very alert, don’t back down.

  5. Trusting someone who has broken it before sounds really forced. You can give people who have done nothing to betray your trust yet a chance, but it is counterproductive to force trust. One of the most important things beyond a relationship is protecting your peace. It sounds like you are ruining your own peace and that just leads to emotional health issues that are very costly to deal with. You are no longer in a healthy relationship if you are destroying your own peace just to force it. He destroyed your trust before and its actually more of his responsibility to prove he is trustworthy and act accordingly. I don't see any reason you have to deal with it when it is on him to change his behavior instead of acting more untrustworthy.

  6. Your BF sounds controlling and insecure. Your weekends sound amazing and you should defend them at all costs.

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