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  1. You’re beautiful, no matter what you look like, whatever scars or beauty marks you have, none of it matters because with it or without they’re gorgeous.

    Too many people see perfect things and think they should look like that but that’s not the case. I have stretch marks, scars from when my cat would scratch me, scars from when I was a clutz, but they make me no less beautiful. Freckles, beauty marks, scars, they all give yourself a uniqueness that no one else will ever have and you should be proud of it! Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise.

    Don’t hurt yourself, don’t give in to insecure thoughts, because when I’d give in to my insecure thoughts I only harmed myself more than I mended, both mentally and physically.

    You’re beautiful! You will be no less stunning ever.

  2. There is no friend in your story. A friend wouldn't do what he did. He hit on her after you introduced her as your date?

    If it was ok what he did how come he kept it a secret?

    Did the girl parallel date you and your “friend” or did you two stop dating? I mean, there must have been some time between introducing the two and them going on vacation. Is your friend aware that she also kept dating you? Sounds like a match made in heaven then.

    I'd try to get out of the lease and block that backstabber asap. As for the girl, you dodged a bullet.

  3. I think you're putting far far too much emphasis on experience.

    She either loves you or she doesn't, she either changes her mind or she doesn't. Of my husband and I, (the one with most experience) I was less certain of what I wanted than him.

    Line out your expectations, literally say “i will never ever be interested in an open relationship” , literally say that if something does happen between you then let it not be due to regretfulness of lack of exploration.

  4. Exactly this. Do you know what else is attractive aside from intelligence and 'being cultured'? Tact and empathy. Being an asshole and demeaning others for their interests, food choices and just general approach to life is exhausting.

  5. How can I help him see that I’m right.

    By not telling him that you are right and he is wrong. Try to find a compromise. You are clearly on opposite ends of a spectrum here and neither is necessarily wrong, they just don't go well together unless both of you compromise.

    So maybe plan some things to get done on Saturday and leave Sunday open for instance.

  6. You show them just how “weak” you are by leaving. I could never forgive my spouse if they were shit talking me with someone else. Get out now. Don’t make it 13 years wasted with this asshole.

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