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  1. I think the thing is if you want the full honesty on both sides (your side for snooping and her side for admitting the extent of the cheating) you have to be willing to let go the trust and potential friendlier relationship you may have in the future.

    I know its complicated and many emotions will be coming and going in this situation, its impossible to feel only one thing and stick to one line of thinking. But if I were able to throw my emotions away and be only rational in this scrnario, I would let this information go. Let her admit it in her time or not at all. You are not to be involved anymore with this person in this level, and this information to be out would just hurt all parties and difficult the remaining of the relationship and separarion any further. Dont say anything and leave as unscaved as you can.

  2. Fuck everyone in the comments. If this was a dude that she was calling “babe, love, etc.” pitchforks would be out. Just because it’s a girl doesn’t mean it’s any less disrespectful towards you. So she can call dudes that as long as they’re, “not interested?”. Some of y’all have me questioning my sanity some times. Major red flag here is her not respecting the boundary that you set by explaining it makes you uncomfortable that she calls her friend that. I’d dump her over the lack of respect.

  3. Deciding on when to have sex can range wildly for anyone.

    Outright refusing to speak about it at all is abnormal behavior. Honestly I’d run. (Unless there is a cultural/religious component here)

  4. I guess I'm just worried that I hurt them. My biggest fear is them thinking I'm dead and that they're somehow to blame for it. I don't know if that's irrational but I've been plagued by those thoughts ever since I left them. I know they tried reaching out to me after I ghosted them, I got an email from them that I never responded to.

    Honestly, I'm really afraid of reconnecting with them. I know how much of an asshole I am for saying this but I don't think I'd be able to deal with their rejection.

    Anyway, I really appreciate your answer, thank you.

  5. Nah he made a huge mistake and now is trying to pin the blame on you to try and encourage you not to tell her he would be a willing cheater. Like sure, they aren’t “monogamous” necessarily yet considering they were just dating, but this would be a big red flag if I was dating to make something long term and not just being casual.

  6. Also, OP, if things go back to normal eventually and you manage to move past this, can you trust them not to do it again next time they fall hard for a new partner?

    Do you want to live with them long term, and are you comfortable with them periodically moving out or with another of their partners living with you?

  7. He's 3 years older than you and you've been together for over a year, now he's mad that you're showing your friend your piercings. Leave him, dude. He's immature and a creep. If it wasn't sexual it's not cheating.

  8. This isn't proper guidance and the ones saying he is a cheater without any evidence are apart of the problem.and not offering solutions.

  9. Your boyfriend isn't dumb. He knows exactly what's going on and he's enjoying it.

    But okay, let's pretend he's sincere and he truly believes this is just a friendship situation. Find a guy friend who will mimic her behavior with you.

    Don't get me wrong, I totally believe opposite sexes can be friends. But I doubt that will be the tune your boyfriend continues to sing when another man runs his hand along your arm and calls you “my girl”

  10. I’d feel really betrayed and get trust issues if my partner told me they were sleeping yet doing other things. Maybe give him an ultimatum to either actually prove that he really loves you and wants to be intimate or that you guys end it.

  11. Do not message her. Leave her alone.

    By all accounts, she's happy. If you really love her as much as you claim to, your first priority is her happiness even if it means she's happy with someone else.

    This is one of those hard life lessons: don't take people for granted, because nobody owes you a second chance, never mind a third.

    She has a great job, partner, puppy. She's getting engaged. Blowing all that up sounds miserable. It's a fantasy to think that would be romantic or appealing to anyone. Even turning you down would be emotionally draining and uncomfortable for her. Do you want to cause drama and conflict in her life? This is not a rom-com.

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  14. When you were 4 he was 18. Regardless of your age now, you are still a child to him.

    When you were 14 he was 28. Y’all are light years apart lol

    Nothing wrong with fantasies and day dreaming.

  15. Emotion has ration behind it too. Regular ration is assessing the present situation. Emotion is just how brains apply past experiences of what felt good and what felt bad to determine what might work or not work in the present. When you look at emotions that way and apply them like risk assessment tools, they become incredibly rational as well and very useful in decision making.

  16. I never understand why people think about marriage but can't be open about such shit! Walking on egg-shells and starting to resent your partner just because you can't communicate! “Oh, i don't want to hurt him.” He behaves as a Bokoblin in the grocery store, do you think he think before “oh, maybe it will hurt her if i behave like this?”

    If i read the title that it ruins your relationship, so how much worse can it get when you openly tell him how you fell about his behaviour or just show him the post?

    Sorry, if i sounded mean. But talking is so important and will often find situation that can get so uncomfortable if you don't solve them. They don't just go away. And so msny people don't understand hints.

    The think i find at most worrying… let's say he thought it was an insider between you two and you actually find it funny, endearing, whatever… But that he does it in the public… This really is something that must be fine with both otherwise it is just humilation for you.

    I wish you the best ❤️

  17. Ah I see. My sister is like that. Asks you repeatedly for advice but never actually considers it. I finally got to a point where I just said I’m not wasting my time giving you advice you never seem to listen to.

  18. Girl no! LEAVE. If you stay I promise you gone be in for a wild ride and not a good one cause do you know how evil you have to be to go cheat on your SO and just do what you want but when they ready to leave you threaten to off yourself!?!? He’s not right in the head. It’s gonna get worse. I’d be getting out of there.

  19. Yeah fair that’s a good point, I’m also worried because she works in the same area that he lives so if they catch up after work it might be at a restaurant or even his house

    God forbid in his car

  20. That was a lot of assumptions your friends made. How about giving the guy a chance and deciding for yourself?

  21. You‘re not entitled to sex. She isn‘t leading you on when she changes her mind about wanting sex.

    You need to work on your emotional intimacy and find out where your relationship problems are coming from. If you don‘t want to do that a break-up is inevitable.

  22. It’s pretty straight forward, if someone says they will never trust you or forgive you, say “Ok, I accept that” and end the relationship. You’re 20. It feels painful now but in 6 months you’ll be fine. Getting used to the pain of the end of the end of a relationship is healthy and will help you find the right person in the end.

    FYI, in future, don’t lie to partners. Tell them what you want to do. Hear what they say. Decide how to respond.

    Personally, I think it’s unhealthy to just cut off from people who cause insecurity in relationships. Insecurity and jealously are ok to feel. Learn to sit with them, communicate them honestly. Find someone who you can say “your communication with mr bloggs makes me feel insecure” to and talk about it without controlling each other’s behaviour.

  23. But to him, you’re his employee. Why would the boss tell his employee that he’s going to spend some of the profit on coffee?

    He’s not just your pimp by accident, it’s intentional. He could stop buying coffees & online shopping & blowing money on his hobbies because the truth is, he can’t afford it. But now he has you to pimp out, he’s happy & smiling & online shopping & kicking back really enjoying that nice coffee. He thinks he has it all figured out.

    Cut this loser off from your money & you’ll see he isn’t as gentle as you thought. He will immediately try to emotionally manipulate you to the max. That’s WHY pimps pretend to date you. So they can fake cry & you’ll care enough to hand over the cash. It’s all about money.

    If you love this man, test him. Look for your own place to live & take your own money & buy yourself a damn coffee. See if he will pay his own bills for 6 months with NO help from you. NO coffee money, disconnect your card from his Amazon & gaming system etc

    I do not think he will be gentle then.

  24. Depends on the circumstances, again we don't know them as it's a one sided story and how adult you are and the state of your relationship

  25. Thank you, yes I have mentioned that to him also and he says that she doesn't need it, he says she is a rescue baby and should be treated like one. I think this will be the main cause of our breakup which I have mentioned many times to him.

  26. Look dude, I can Google but sometimes coming from the perspective of another person opens an entirely new train of thought in your mind.

  27. It sounds like this relationship should be over. Be honest with him about your feelings and stop suffering. Life is too short for any of this.

  28. When your boyfriend is very jealous about your past sexual experiences, it is commonly referred to as “retroactive jealousy” or “retrospective jealousy.” Retroactive jealousy is a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) that involves intrusive thoughts, images, and feelings related to a partner's previous sexual experiences. People who experience retroactive jealousy may struggle with feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and inadequacy in their relationship.

    Dealing with a partner's jealousy can be challenging, but it is important to remember that it is ultimately their responsibility to address and manage their own emotions. Here are some steps that may help you deal with your boyfriend's jealousy: Communicate openly: It's important to have an open and honest conversation with your partner about how their jealousy makes you feel. Let them know that it's not your responsibility to manage their feelings and that you need their support in dealing with this issue. Set boundaries: It's important to establish clear boundaries with your partner about what is and isn't acceptable behavior. Let them know that their jealousy is not an excuse for controlling or abusive behavior. Don't blame yourself: Remember that your past sexual experiences are a part of who you are, and you should not feel ashamed or guilty about them. It's important to be with a partner who accepts and respects you for who you are. Encourage your partner to seek help: If your partner's jealousy is causing problems in your relationship, encourage them to seek professional help. A therapist or counselor can help them work through their feelings and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Take care of yourself: It's important to prioritize your own well-being and self-care. Make sure you're taking time for yourself and doing things that make you happy and fulfilled. Remember that you deserve to be in a relationship where you feel valued and respected, and your partner's jealousy is not your responsibility to manage. If your partner is not willing to work on their jealousy or if it is causing significant problems in your relationship, it may be necessary to reevaluate the relationship and consider your options moving forward.

  29. I’ve seen countless comments saying “food service” I worked in a restaurant for over 5 years as a teen/young adult and never smoked.

    A lot of people do smoke/drink or do harder drugs in the restaurant biz. But it’s just a bunch of people looking for an excuse to get high in my opinion lol.

    I don’t really care either way. I hung out with a lot of them after work at house parties while they smoked. But to me if you feel like you need to be high to do your job then you got other problems you need to work out.

  30. But what I’m saying is, your friend (the husband) clearly has no problem with the current arrangement or is not aware of the problem, right?? So hard to have an opinion without this woman’s side of things.

  31. You’re not a bad person but you are being unreasonable. Anxiety can be tough but it’s something you need to manage yourself. He’s not your emotional support animal. He should not have to miss out on enjoying the experience in order to pacify you.

  32. Yes, but Reddit isn’t real life. I love reading these posts as much as the next, but like half of these are writers trying out fanfics.

  33. You have lost a friend, people grieve friendships all the tome, especially when they end so abruptly and horribly, for your brain it is almost as if that person had died, they don't exist anymore and that's a difficult reality to grapple with. Get support from your friends and family and take all the time you need to grieve

  34. This is probably the best advice OP. You're in unexplored territory even by Reddit standards and that is saying something.

  35. He's so defensive about this topic and I once suggested sex therapy and he got soooo angry insisting that he doesn't have any “problems”….

  36. Look you weirdo, I trust my wife and she trusts me, and it’s both our money, but we each have our own accounts and a shared expense account. Getting your own bank account is called adulting, I don’t know why you would cease such a practice upon getting married.

    Seems to me that you just can’t imagine what trust is without having access to every little detail. My wife doesn’t have to see how many times a week I stop at Dunkin’ Donuts (1-2) because I share with her. I don’t know how much she spends online shopping, don’t need to. I’d know if it was anything excessive. Do you also insist on shared phone access to be worthy of your marriage?

    Not to mention prenups can be a smart and important component of a successful marriage contract, and if done properly should protect both members interest. No need to bother with them if you have no assets, so I assume that like me, you had no need of one. But prenups should not be viewed as unromantic or starting off in the wrong foot.

    Gotta admit though that I am chuckling along with you at “not responsible for bailing each other out”. Of course I am responsible for bailing out my wife when she’s in a jam! Why else be married?


  37. I think her boyfriend is in the wrong here.

    She's trying to leave, but she has bills to pay. So she's stuck in a really shitty situation, unless the bf is able to cover her bills he can't expect her to leave. It doesn't sound like he is able to do that.

    She is working in an industry that doesn't typically have a HR department, the only person she can complain to is her boss. This is a classic he said she said situation.

    I know quite a few women who worked in small businesses and had similar issues, sometimes the problem is you will get blacklisted if you try to stand up for yourself. She mentioned he's respected, so she will have that issue if he decides to retaliate.

    I'm surprised her bf is watching her struggle through this and has no empathy? But looking at the comments, maybe this is only something you'd understand if you'd been through this as a woman.

  38. Google is going to be a good resource. Then from there, start by reading Google reviews and reviews of the particular provider you are looking at. When I was looking for my current therapist I googled “therapist near me” and then sorted by closet and started looking through reviews from there.

    If you have insurance another option is to contact them and ask for a list of providers near you. My first therapist I found through a list my insurance sent me when I called about crisis counseling. The list of providers I already knew was approved was helpful and from there I could check reviews through Google or psychology today for the particular providers.

    If you and your wife are okay with it, talking with local friends and family is a great way to find recommendations. I've been given referrals previously which was a great starting point to read through reviews and determine if a provider is going to be a good fit for me.

    Finding a good therapist can be time consuming but it's worth it. I think taking the time to read about the provider, their specialties, and what their philosophy is is going to be really important. Even if I was familiar with the area you're in, I could know the best therapist in the world for me that could be a horrible fit for your wife.

  39. I never had any trust issues up until that one incident and all my friends love him as my boyfriend which is why it is a bit hard to stick to my decision. But thank you for your wise words ?❤️

  40. You are being entirely rational. Not only is he a liar, but very likely he's an addict (gambling addiction). Congrats, you made the right call!

  41. She's clearly going through a lot of turmoil at the moment, I'd say there's something more going on and maybe she just needed time to figure it out before adding you back into the mix.

    She asked for a simple act of respect into her boundary, it does you no favours that weren't able to give that, even with the best intentions.

    I understand it may be tough and not seem right to you but she is telling you what she needs.

  42. Alcoholism isn’t just binge drinking all day everyday. Alcoholism is also losing control EVERY time you drink. Your girlfriend is an alcoholic she’s refusing to stop drinking when she goes out knowing how she gets angry, blacked out, and cheating on you cause she can’t keep it together. She’s been possibly drugged twice and that’s not enough to get through to her. That’s scary.

  43. Absolutely. They see the ring and tell me they could treat me better -.-

    Taking the number and getting out of there is the best way most of the time.

  44. I guess the question to ask yourself then is what is your motivation for saying happy birthday. If you just want to send someone you once cared for a nice message bc everyone deserves to feel nice on their birthday, then I would just send it without any expectation. Send it because it's a nice thing to do for someone but you don't need or want a response. If you want to reconnect or something, then I would let it go. She distanced herself and you're going to set yourself up for more anxiety or disappointment by reaching out in the mindset of wanting to know why, or needing closure or whatever it is.

  45. He's manipulating you and as your so young and nieve it seems to be working

    This is extremely toxic. He allowd to fuck who ever and the first time you do acts like a cheated lover to guilt you into not doing it again.

    Then he sees he has succeeded. Ok my job here is done off I go to fuck other women.

    Wake up and end this relationship. How the hell would you stay at home while he fucks other women comes back to you or stays out all night ??‍♀️

    This is not at all healthy and he is clearly manipulating you.

    End it and find better

  46. Sorry- if your wife hit you, that is domestic violence.

    I would say she ruined the trip.

    As for not taking pictures of her, she knows you- you are partners- so she shouldn’t act like a child about something she knows you do not do or aren’t good at (whatever the case is). It would come off as rude if you had said no to her friends, and I’m sure she would’ve found issue with that as well regardless.

  47. I’ve been married a long time. I was engaged to the wrong woman once. I had doubts. I felt uneasy. My ex ( now wife of 25 years) looked me up after 3 years no contact and I broke the engagement that evening. It was shitty but I had no doubt about my future. My father said when you know you know. He was right.

  48. Is this serious?

    You are with someone who is still married, who says the divorce is processing but whose husband visits the apartment regularly and sometimes at night.

    She wants you to pay for a place but refuses to allow you to put your name on the lease and has actually broken up with you over is, presumably to force you to come to your 'senses' and cave in to her wishes.

    You are not allowed access to her current residence.

    Come on!! This woman is not going through a divorce at all. She has no intention of doing so.

    Let me predict what will happen if you do as she wishes:

    She will move in with the child but will find an excuse for you not to move in – probably something like “let child get used to the new apartment first, then you can move in”. That will never happen. You will either be stuck without a long term place to live or you'll be left forming rent out for 2 places.

    Initially you will be able to visit the apartment that you are paying for, but that will tail off to the point where you will suddenly realise that you haven't been there for several weeks, despite asking.

    The husband, still very much her husband because of a delay in divorce processing, will continue to visit as before. Any protest from you will be met with a glare and the accusation that you are trying to stop child from having a relationship with its father.

    And you will be in the same place as you are now: poorer, sadder, but no further forward in terms of your relationship.

    Find someone who wants you enough not to treat you as though your feelings are irrelevant.

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