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  1. Not sorry, I was abused as a kid and called every name in the book. Ive had awful things happen to me. I haven’t lived a happy fun life like you think. Just because I’m 23 and politely ask people to not insult me doesn’t make me immature. Its actually a sign of maturity.

  2. Sounds like a deep insecurity issue on his side about being man enough. Sounds like he gets jealous easily about other men and got intimidated by your little brother's height and sleeping in the same bed enough to forget that he was your brother and not 'competition'! The screaming was also not okay, that is not a healthy dynamic. This certainly needs to be addressed or you will carry the resentment with you which will kill the relationship sooner or later. That doesn't mean you need to end it yet. Give him a chance to learn and grow, this is the right crisis for it. Basically he needs to face the questions “Why do I get so jealous that even her brother triggered such an outburst?” and “How do I want to express myself in such situations in the future?”

    Best wishes and I hope things work out for the best.

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