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  1. Nothing happened that could cause this. In the first year of relationship, and all my life before, i have had veryyy high sex drive. I don't think i became asexual

    I know theres nothing wrong with not wanting it, but i really miss the way it felt.

  2. I thought our relationship was going somewhere and that we weren’t entertaining other people and he would reassure me this was the case. Now I feel lied to and I don’t trust him.

    You should be feeling single and not with him. Why would you expect it to be any different?

    He knows what he's doing, he didn't just up and fall over into her, did he?

    I feel like I was starting to fall for him and now the rug has been pulled beneath me and I do not know what to do.

    You leave him. That's what you do.

    I don’t want to cut him out of my life

    This is your (up until now anyway) love for the guy speaking, so “heart thinking not brain”.

    He's cheated on you, got someone else pregnant, hidden/lied about it and now you're where you are.

    The court of Reddit/public opinion is not going to say “sure stay with him what's the worst he'll do?” because the answer is clearly “continue cheating on you and you'll keep forgiving him hoping he'll change”.

    This isn't an accident, it's not “bad luck”, it's not “error of judgement”, he's literally very much knowingly been having dirty cheaty secret sex with someone else and now they are pregnant.

  3. Correct, he sees nothing wrong with the situation. He says he is happy. He loves me. He enjoys life. I am definitely of the “I just have to trust him when he says he isn't depressed” opinion. I can't make him go to therapy and, as far as I can tell, he does not believe he needs help.

    Nope, I don't want kids. Which is why this situation is pissing me off. He feels more like a dependent than a partner and I really, really don't want kids.

  4. Depression can be really difficult and debilitating sometimes. If it’s that bad for him he should see therapy and a psychiatrist. I’ve had times where I could do nothing but get up, shower, use the bathroom and lay back down. Sometimes I couldn’t even bring myself to shower. Luckily I’ve been doing much better thanks to my therapist and medication.

    Yes it’s gross. Yes I would be appalled too. However, it seems like this is a bigger problem for him than just peeing in a bottle at night. That’s just a manifestation of his depression. Stopping him from doing that won’t treat the cause of the problem.

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