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  1. Break up with her, she is manipulative, a boundary pusher, narcissistic, immature and needs way way way too much work right now to be a functional adult. Move on. There are 10000000000% better options out there.

  2. You're young… Find your peace with yourself and then worry about relationships. I didn't find a great relationship until I was 30, I just enjoyed my own company and had fun through my 20s. Hell, at 21 I didn't even know who I was or where I was going in life. Finding a relationship right out of high school or college is a pressure that shouldn't be put on people.

    Like you, I never dated. Think I've been on like 5 dates my entire life, and I'm old? I have been lucky that I just fell into relationships and fuck buddies without ever trying to find them in life. But no matter how much time I've spent alone in life, I was never lonely because I never needed anyone to make me feel whole.

    As for putting yourself out there, try looking at people closest to you… Coworkers, friends, classmates (if in college), people's in any special interests groups that you may be in. Sometimes the best partners are people you already know. I can't advise on dating apps or such, I've never used them before, nor wanted to.

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  4. That's assault.

    Talk about cutting things…maybe cut him out of your life. Find somebody who respects you.

    I understand preferences.. but this has gone beyond that and become harassment and assault and if he can't understand why you'd be upset or right from wrong this is not somebody who want in your life

    I'm sorry OP ❤️

  5. You’re two years into this relationship. You’re young and her mistake was dumb BUT… the questions to be asking are “why would you put yourself in a situation like this with somebody you’d been intimate with before?” “Are you able to have friends of the opposite sex and do you believe those friends should be people with whom you have been intimate before?” She should be able to answer those questions with something other than “I don’t know.” “I don’t know” is a hallmark of somebody who has a lot more growing up to do…

    It’s good that she admitted her mistake quickly to you and that it didn’t go any further, but there are women out there who know better than to make mistakes like these in the first place.

  6. She understands your concerns fine, they just are not in alignment with what she wants so she is choosing to ignore them and convince you to go against your boundaries.

  7. He feels entitled to her body. Her body is there for his pleasure and now that it doesn't look the way he wants it to he's throwing a mantrum. This dude deserves to be single forever.

  8. Bingo bango! I thought the EXACT same thing, it's SHE who has had all these thoughts because, IMO, new co-workers would never do this sort of thing, why would they..She's making crap up as she goes along..Let the break up stand OP because she's never going to be happy. Besides how on earth could she be “out of your league”? I mean she's a hair dresser not a freakin' doctor, no disrespect to Hair Stylists but come on.

  9. Uh oh, now she's projecting her traits onto you

    Paternity test, STD test, financials in order, talk to lawyer, divorce

  10. Hey man, first I want to say that's a pretty difficult position to be in. No easy way out of having to choose between two life-defining and life-changing relationships. Your decisions are going to change two lives in dramatic ways, and there is no right answer.

    I don't get a sense of how firm you are in your decision to take in your daughter. But wanted to suggest you take some time to fully process what this will mean for you and your daughter. She may experience some issues related to abandonment. Do some research on “Reactive Attachment Disorder”. These behaviors can be confusing and difficult to deal with. Knowing what to look out for and lining up trained therapists will make the transition much easier. Without it some of the behaviors may be misinterpreted as “bad kid” behavior.

    Also, how prepared are you to become a parent in general? If you have some good friends or family who you consider good parents, take them out to dinner and talk this through, get an idea of what your in for. There is no perfect manual on parenting kids, but it is a major life change, and going in with some prep can help lessen the shock.

    Your focus on your relationship with your wife will definitely change. If she does stick around you may want to meet with a couples counselor to have a moderator that can help walk through what the future looks like and what you both need moving forward while also accommodating the fact of a new child in the house. Establish what role she is wanting and willing to play.

    If she bails, that's understandable. Let her walk away with no judgement or pressure to stay. She did not sign up for that and made it clear what she wanted before she committed to marriage.

    Good luck sir. Life is a journey and kids challenging but amazing.

    Source: Parent of 5, three adopted with some attachment issues to sort out, married 29 years.

  11. And as the guest I would be 0% surprised or offended that my friend’s partner just wanted to chill when they got home.

    This. Like holy shit this.

    As the guest, I'd instantly feel I had overstayed my welcome if the spouse just got home from work, especially if they are obviously not feeling 100%. It wouldn't matter if they gave me a quick smile or not, I'd get the picture and leave.

  12. We own it outright. My mom had a lump sum left over from the sale of our last house which we combined with my accumulated income over the course of 2 years.

    I have been paying the property taxes for the previous house we had plus this one since I was 18 years old, and have been the head of household for over 3 years. She said my contributions to the house mean our stake in the house is 50/50, but then turns around and says that I don’t get a say in whether or not my brother should move out. It makes no sense to me.

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