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  1. I don't think it's worth being offended by. He praised your willingness to help people, just thinks you should pay more attention to those around you. Honestly, this is something that a huge part of the human population should work on so its definitely not just you.

  2. You're both military, a quick Google search by me brought up pages of options for counseling. Start calling places.

    Many of us are telling you that you married young because we speak from experience. I did it, had a kid too, he's now 22 and in the military and I have no idea where his father has been for the last 20 years. We're speaking from experience. The deck is stacked against you both, if you want your marriage to last then you both need to be proactive and look for solutions. Maybe it's better communication, maybe he's depressed too (PPD can happen to men too), maybe he's scared (he had a rough childhood, could be afraid to repeat patterns) and you're probably both overwhelmed. This is an issue that often has multiple factors and you both need to explore solutions to all of it for a successful partnership.

  3. I'll skip the obvious that yes, you're on the hook for child support legally and go straight to:

    If you're going to father a kid and not be a dad to them, you're a god damn loser for abandoning your kid.

    You obviously have no idea what that does to a kids psyche, and you're going to do it for a what? A kink?

    Jesus Christ man see a therapist

  4. Questioning where it came from is one thing, but if the mind immediately jumps to “the other person is cheating” I feel like there are other things bothering you and you should really address those concerns instead of letting them fester until a hair gets tracked into the house and sends you into an anxiety spiral.

  5. What? He's not a child, they are both adults. So his feelings don't matter so long as she gets what she wants? You're trying to make her sound honorable and justified in lying, when she only did it for her own benefit to get a relationship out of a guy whose standards she didn't live up to. That was a selfish and self-serving act and nothing more. Just because you may disagree with someone's beliefs doesn't give you the right to completely disregard them.

  6. “I didn't know” is a cop out. You can't fix it if you won't admit it.

    You knew you had withdrawn and you knew you weren't paying attention to her. Even if she never indicated her feelings, you knew what you were doing. And I'd bet good money she DID attempt to let you know and you brushed it off.

    I will admit I'm biased on this because I spent ten years telling my ex in every possible way what I needed and how he was hurting me and he STILL had the gall to act surprised and confused when I left. I even wrote him a whole fucking letter, which he glanced at, stuck in his pocket, and never mentioned again.

    Maybe I'm wrong. But I think it would be worth your while to sit with yourself and do a little introspection about what you may have chosen to ignore in the lead up to this.

  7. Honestly you don't deserve your bf so no point in letting your side piece down. Just leave your bf. He deserves better than your toxic ass.

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  9. But I dont want to waste time, mine or hers if we are incompatible. If covid has taught us anything its that time is in short supply. So why waste it?

  10. She was a 24 year old student at the time and people in their 20s make dumb choices. But she chose you and married you She probably didn't tell you all these years because she didn't want to hurt you. If she has been a good and loyal wife since you got married, then leave her premarital hookups in the past.

  11. Wear a hat low over your eyes and wear headphones. If you look like you don’t want to talk to anyone they will get the hint. That’s what I do

  12. You need to let this go because y’all were never exclusive before. How can you expect her to read your mind and know you wanted exclusivity if you never said it before. You don’t seem to be a relationship expert either.

  13. Aren’t all lead actors and actresses attractive? Isn’t that the point? If she is going to be upset because you think someone on TV is attractive, you have a terrible future ahead of you.

  14. He won't give her a deadline because he is too nice and she has overstayed her welcome. If you are there more maybe you can help her with job and apartment…but I don't understand one thing why she hasn't worked all of this time that she's there? There are plenty of jobs she can get that pay cash…like she can be a housecleaner…pet sitter…babysitter…dog walker…work in a family owned store that pays cash…most small stores or restaurants pay cash…she can waitress or be a cashier…I don't understand how she can just live there and not help out or help herself.

  15. i said he’s good looking but that’s about it like he’s just an average human not like out of this world amazing?? like he’s not ugly and i’m not gonna lie to him about that. he should have some sort of trust in me seeing as it’s been almost 2 years. i never get to go out cause i always have to see him but he can do whatever he wants

  16. All judgment statements mixed with fear.

    You don't always get to do everything you enjoy when you want. That may be upsetting but it's part of growing up.

    Insulting someone never solves the problem and that mentality will never sustain a relationship. You have nothing to lose, so you can pretend what you would do.

    Labelling everything abuse doesn't make it abuse. It actually lowers the value of the label.

  17. Are you 18? is the 2 a typo?

    Women are not like men, that is about the only thing you got right. Of course she likes to do the reverse, she needs to be in the mood, she wants to feel relaxed and stimulated before having sex. You are a wild dog with no self control.

    It's not like you are not getting it, so I don't know why you are whining about having to care for her before she has sex with you. She is almost 30 as well, she cannot be as ready as when she was 20, that is just how it works.

    Talk with her if it makes you so uncomfortable, but be responsible when you do. Try to find a middle ground some days. But the one that need to act more mature and calm down is definitely you.

  18. Absolutely this. You said everything I was thinking only in a better way, well done. I am sorry you had to go through something similar but if OP listens to anything in this thread, hopefully it is this.

  19. Considering your chances of getting pregnant when having sex without contraceptives is about 25%, I'd say the rythym method is about as safe as using no contraceptives.

  20. Tell him that he is a boob. Then tell him to find a woman with big boobs that’s willing to tolerate his shallow ass. Tell him he no longer has to be ashamed of your perky young breasts.

  21. 4 beers and he is such a lightweight little pussy that he cant protect someone he is dating (would have written love but…he doesnt cause a obviously you wouldnt do that to someone you love). You should dump him. Clearly he was clear headed since he can still remember the whole ordeal how you were harassed, made the butt of everyones joke and humiliated in front of people you barely know AND he joined in the harassment humiliation. Please dump him. They seem to think taking away someone's right to privacy is ok, its not ok. They are a bunch of mean girls.

  22. Wow that's lucky. I'm in the US.

    When I was maid of honor at my sister's wedding I was expected to buy the other bridesmaids food too.

  23. Um yeah the chore chart is because he's gonna be an ex boyfriend imminently, and his tenancy needs to be uncomfortable.

  24. this whole thing is weird. he told you he didnt want to know, you ignored him and blabbered about it anyway. fucking weird.

    caring about peoples body counts or feeling the need to tally up the people youve fucked and share that number with your partner? fucking weird.

    caring that your gf fucked 5 dudes? mega fucking weird.

    usually when someone says “run” its directed at one person in the relationship who is assumed to be reasonable, meaning they should run away from the other party who is unreasonable.

    both of you should run. in opposite directions.

  25. I'm not entirely sure I understand the situation, but I can help with some realities of life.

    You started your story out listing your disabilities. If you want to be defined by your disabilities, by all means announce them to the world every time you speak with someone new.

    Next truth is that everybody on this level has disabilities. Sounds like your boyfriend is easily frustrated. That's one of his “disabilities”.

    Finally, in this world, nobody is perfect. You need to find people that are able to work with what you are able to offer. If this bf can't handle your forgetfulness and issues with learning, then it's time to move on. These would be non-issues with plenty of people.

  26. For real. The OP had a solid case for “no way, this is insane” until that last bit. The level of subtly matters here.

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