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  1. So he sh*t talks you to other girls to get laid ?

    but you’ve been fine enough to be a couple ?


    Men don’t act like that and certainly not if they have have a modicum of respect for their mate and themselves.

    I wouldn’t air out his “dirty laundry” or engage in sh*t talking him- just cut him off & out of your life.

  2. If you gf would allow someone who did those things to you near her children then there is something wrong with her. Protect your children at all costs. Your mother would probably convince her to abuse your children.

  3. Thank you for your answer. I feel like holding the phone/computer makes so much sense with your answer. There is something he is hiding. And I currently don't have a separate bank account. I have a part time job (when I had a full time job he would complain a lot and say that I was never home)

  4. It may be an excuse, it may not be an excuse, but it is very very selfish wanting you to wait for him. I know someone who broke up with her boyfriend of two years because she felt she may be falling out for a friend of hers. One year later she is still chasing this friend who “loves her but isnt ready for another relationship”, crying because she doesnt know if he is into her or only wants the cuddles without the obligation that comes with being a boyfriend. He gives her gifts and she gives him gifts, they have dates, they cuddle and they go for the +18 stuff as well, they are supposedly exclusive but he isnt ready.

    Are you ready to wait for someone without knowing what they really want?

  5. You chose to break a law that was unjust. Imagine if nobody had broken the laws governing slavery, or preventing women from voting, or getting an abortion. We need people like you. Your action maybe inspired others, who knows, just like Mahsa Amini's refusal to obey the stupidy injust law about covering her hair has inspired the people of Iran. We can't all rise to the level of Nelson Mandela, you're a more modest hero but still a hero.

    I wish you all the best and I hope you do soon start feeling well again.

  6. I would post on r/nonmonogamy instead of here. You’re going to get much more in depth advice and people generally do not like open relationships on this sub.

    You mentioned that both the new girl and your wife are making you feel good which has improved your marriage. I’d imagine your wife is feeling the same way. Maybe try thinking about the situation that way? Jealousy and insecurities are common in open relationships. You need to learn to manage those feelings and reframe the way you think about it

  7. The only time my bf had to pee in a bottle and it was completely acceptable was when he sprained his ankle and pulled a calf muscle on the same leg. The way his condo is designed, you have to go down steps to use the bathroom. I was there to help him and asked if he needed to use the bathroom before I went to sleep.

    He simply picked up an Gatorade bottle, hoisted it in the air, shook it a little and said “nah, I’m set.”

  8. The only time my bf had to pee in a bottle and it was completely acceptable was when he sprained his ankle and pulled a calf muscle on the same leg. The way his condo is designed, you have to go down steps to use the bathroom. I was there to help him and asked if he needed to use the bathroom before I went to sleep.

    He simply picked up an Gatorade bottle, hoisted it in the air, shook it a little and said “nah, I’m set.”

  9. Breakup she wants the modern day man where a bit of you likes the old school potentially because you grew up in it and saw it work down the line you may say ” well my mom did it this way and did this for my dad” she is going to fight against that take a break even and look at how her parents interact with each other and with her

  10. As someone who is going thru a divorce now I’m keeping my ex last name. I want my last name and our daughters to be the same. And it’s a pain in the ass to go thru the trouble of changing it. I had my married name longer than my maiden name.

    You’re making a big deal out of nothing. Until you see the divorce decree that says she couldn’t keep his last name I would keep my nose out of it.

  11. Yes, it's definitely better to be realistic. I know he's not the brightest person I've ever met, but I find it difficult to associate brightness and communication. I feel like one doesn't have to be smart to have their own thoughts and feelings and be willing to share them. Even if it's not in the most eloquent or sophisticated way. I can see how it helps, but he should still have thoughts?

    Thanks for the book recommendation! I'll look into it.

  12. Sounds like he's baby-trapping you. You bought condoms, but he “didn't WANT to wear them” so he'll just pull out …which he either didn't “WANT” to do, either, or did do and we all know it's an ineffective method to prevent pregnancy.

    So, he's FINE with marrying you after only 4 months of dating. And he's FINE with you having a baby after only 3 months of dating which will keep him in your life for a minimum of 18 years.

    These are the reasons you NEED an abortion and you NEED to break up! There is nothing wrong with you and you will find the right man to be in a relationship with. But this guy is not that man! He is desperate to stay with you via a quickie marriage and an even more quickie pregnancy! Woman, any man who is this desperate to keep you around is someone who is very scary! A really decent man wants to ensure that the relationship is right for EACH OF YOU!

    Please get out! You can't find Mr. Right until you dump Mr. Red Flags.

  13. Not often, no. That’s what really bad social anxiety does to me. It makes being around strangers and large groups really really unpleasant.

  14. You ask yourself this question. Would someone who loves and respects me treat me this way? She's infatuated to the point that she's blind to how she's treating you. She's not who you thought she was, and she doesn't feel the same way about you that you feel about her. She's made that clear through her actions. Just walk away, heal up, and start living your best life.

  15. This was really well though out. I’m going to definitely speak on it with her. Thank you for helping me articulate this

  16. He wasn't even going to tell you.

    Ask yourself what other dumb shit has he maybe done that he's never told you about?

  17. It doesn't sound fair to me. Do your gender roles allow you to participate in decision making, or is that entirely up to him, too?

  18. Like your daughter probably was when you divorced her mother. Like she is every time she has to go to the war one that is your home. If your wife is this mean and nasty to her in front of you , imagine how she acts when you’re not around?

  19. he's a recovering drug addict who doesn't seem to have the full intention of staying clean

    he's just a drug addict, then

  20. No, she's never cheated. I trust her implicitly. She doesn't want to because she trusts me, but she's always welcome to go through my phone.

    She's very reserved. Always has been.

  21. Lol you are in South Africa….do you even know the upheaval going on there in regards to the fallout of government mismanagement and corruption?

    There is an old analogy that if you have an open barrel full of live crabs, none will crawl out of the top despite a crab being easily able to do so. This is because the other crabs pull any that try to escape right back into the barrel.

    Don’t be a crab, Mom. Move to him if that is so important. But don’t try to ruin his chance to escape.

    To name violence alone, South Africa is considered the 6th most dangerous country in the entire world.

  22. But you’re right honestly, the winner takes it all the loser has to fall it’s simple and it’s plain why should I complain? Cest la vie such is life I just beyond all want to stop hurting, revenge won’t solve any of that only time will.

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