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  1. Your boyfriend is going to be jealous and it may not be salvageable. I will attempt to explain why:

    To his friend that you had a one nighter with you were, from their male perspective, a one night simple conquest. Consenting fun between adults and all that, but regardless you were… cheaply purchased in their eyes.

    Your boyfriend comes along and he is looking for something more serious. He thinks he is shopping in the LTR girlfriend material.

    Then, uh oh, he finds out his buddy had you on sale. He is over here paying girlfriend prices when his buddy had that when it was newer and more fresh at a cheaper price.

    I mean all guys kind of know there is some promiscuity in their girl’s past, but we just don’t want to be reminded of it.

    Basically, his friend is a living reminder that from the perspective of his social circle the woman he has chosen for a girlfriend is not girlfriend material.

    I know it’s not right or fair or whatever, but it is how it is

  2. Abusive, loser boyfriend doesn't want to date you anymore? That is actually a win! Good news really. Agree, block him from your life and move on.

  3. Why don’t you suggest buying a nice but less expensive ring now and when you’re in a more secure financial position, you can upgrade her ring.

  4. It’s not a nonsense post lol I just said I delete my posts to keep my account anonymous ??‍♀️

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