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  1. Buddy I had similar experience.except it had to do with cars gas consumption .my car got 35mpg hers got less it was sports sedan she drove. She got mad cause I barely spent on gas and I found a job that I could drive to that was only 8 minutes away I was told I need to pay for other things for being smart and frugal. She had 30min drive to work she hated it but she also made 3 dollars more than me. So go figure. This type of stuff can get petty really quick In situationships.

  2. This is my last comment. I am a prolifer. I care about the life of the unborn child and I care about the pregnant mother.

  3. What does he think separated means?

    He shot his shot and lost. So did your folks, and his folks. They all sound hysterical and sexist – you don't say anyone said anything about him wetting his dick within a week.

    Finalize the divorce and move on. It's clear y'all ain't good together, and at least this new guy is interested in you and you eventually child, instead of telling you to throw it away like a used napkin and “come back to your senses.”

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