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  1. Idk, I don’t think being in a bad mood gives anyone the reason to act like that. Aren’t you supposed to love your partner? You don’t take anger out on them. And when he said that, you say he didn’t mean to hurt you, but unfortunately he did. He wouldn’t have said that to you if he did not want you to be upset. Nobody says that to someone and expects hugs and kisses after. Your situation is tricky, but also unhealthy. But it won’t get any better, it will get worse and you need to be prepared and have a plan. Even if you get married someday (I’ll keep my opinions quiet on that one..) you should have a plan right now to get out. And you should start, because if it gets worse, which it usually does, you will find yourself feeling even more stuck. If they’re real true friends, they shouldn’t be okay with how he treats you either.

  2. Bro, leave. What is this. You know damn well you’re trashing your own physical and mental health staying in whatever hellscape relationship that is. Get out, breather free air, and then take the fattest nap of your life.

  3. Frankly I’m alarmed at how many people are defending the actions of op and her husband – nobody had to tell the daughter that she was the product of assault but to lie to her about the identity of her bio mom is so incredibly wrong

    I would say it is a lie of omission. That being said, it must have been hard making that decision to not tell her. From the husband's perspective it could have been that he was dealing with his own trauma around it consistently. Perhaps he wanted to spare his daughter that trauma.

    There are so many variables that I don't know if so incredibly wrong would be my take here. Families are complicated as are family dynamics.

    All of that to highlight that these things do tend to come out over time. For example, my college roommate found out that his girlfriend was actually his cousin when they went to a Christmas event and there was a picture of my roommate's grandma with his girlfriend's grandma on the wall and it turns out they are sisters. My roommate's grandma had been dead for years at that point. My roommate's mother was adopted so there was no biological connection, but it was of course a shock

  4. How much do you want to bet this loser comes crawling back, offering to help her out by moving in with her?

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