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  1. This. I would give this an award if I had one.

    We all get sold this fairy-tale that it’s our responsibility as someone’s partner to be responsible for “making them better”.

    You are accountable for your behavior and actions, and not someone else’s. The only person in life you can save, fix, heal, improve, etc is you.

  2. Ah, so your fear of being alone and being a burden to your friends is causing you to settle for crap. So the solution is to expand your social support network. Make more friends. The more you feel connected and valued by others the less you’ll settle for crap and the better yourself esteem. If you’re not sure how to make more friends, search past posts on this sub, lots of ideas and info on that is available.

    Also, you may want to look into how you pick and attract partners. When you don’t feel that you’re valuable then you try to attracted partners by doing things for them and not asking for much in return. It’s a strategy that works to get a partner, but after awhile you’ll end up feeling like a parent more than a partner. And often decent people don’t go for relationships like that. Most people want to be helped but also to feel helpful. So it may seem odd, but learn to ask more for what you want, and know that you deserve that because you give back and reciprocate. Anyone who has a problem helping you when you help them, not worth your time.

  3. This isn't something reddit can fix. You need a therapist. You have proof he loves you but you need more? Also tell him what his coworkers are saying because that's super messed up.

  4. ? Are my feelings real or is this just the initial glow of meeting someone new and nice, who may or may not be a good match under normal circumstances?

    No way of telling until you spend more time together in person.

    We both have our lives and careers and families in our respective countries. There is no way either of us can move in the foreseeable future.

    Wow….I mean even if she's in an open marriage…you're not her first priority. You're, if at all, a secondary partner, nothing more. Why would her husband agree to her (or the whole family) moving?

  5. So you really believe it’s not fixable? Those are past actions and don’t dictate who I am and what I do in the future. It’s unfair to judge someone on the past especially as I’ve been trying to make it up to him for the past few months

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