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  1. Yes, you are in the right. He is being an asshole. He should listen to your concerns without attacking you or getting defensive. Look up DARVO and see if it applies to him.

  2. For the first part, there is still confidence and it is the only thing that comforts me on the fact that it is I who fantasize, because she could not do that to me. But opposite there is an accumulation of little facts… and when I think about it I tell myself that I'm too stupid to trust her… then I tell myself that I'm a jerk not to trust her.. .. And so on… For the third part I'm not sure I understood, but I agree with you in the fourth part that if a professional does not find anything I will always have doubts in me. That's what I'm looking for, something that would help me say to myself definitively “yes she cheated on me” or “no she never did” but I am fully aware that it will be difficult. The worst part of all this is that what hurts me the most is not necessarily if she does it but rather that she tells me no when I ask her to be sincere and that she would play with the confidence that I grant her.

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  4. Usually brakes are code for break up. And the reason usually people don’t completely break up is in case it doesn’t work out with whatever they’re doing and then go back to being around you.

  5. There's a good lesson here. Always be open and honest. Keeping this in will only manifest into anxiety later. That will hurt the relationship.

  6. This post is misleading. The guy knows that CPS is probably going to strip the rights of the mother. Which will leave him in his fathers custody. There’s so much more to this. I wouldn’t have for a little babies around a 13-year-old that was raised in a really desperate situation until I knew what was going on. She supported him for him. He is misleading people.

  7. If they love in Massachusetts middle class goes up to about 280k but they are certainly on the higher end and shouldn't be struggling so bad that OP can't afford to work a 9-5.

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