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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. I think you're right, but I really hope she rejects if he proposes. She'll be miserable with this guy, she should go find someone who makes things happen, can keep his word, and shows more care for her needs.

  2. Yeah I’m not defending the guy but it’s insane that people think one person should fuck off from what is 50% their home as well. I understand the emotional reason but never the logical reason

  3. Get out now, this is not okay and this will happen again. Call the police, do not leave, do not pack things, just call the police.

  4. You both are old enough to be able to talk about this openly, so it might just be immaturity on her part. Even still, it’s important to be able to communicate and be on the same page.

    If I were you, I would make it clear to that you strictly want to communicate, not pressure her. That you are very into her so it’s naturally something on your mind, but it seems obvious that you are willing to take it all at her pace.

    But as someone else stated, if she was mentioning being horny, I don’t feel like it’s inappropriate to mention sex after.

  5. Your comment has been removed and you are banned from /r/relationshipadvice because you are brigading from /r/bestofredditorupdates. BORU and Reddit itself have rules against brigading, and commenting on posts linked on a different sub counts as brigading. Additionally, since BORU has a 7-day period before updates can be posted, the OOP has already received any advice relevant to their situation.

  6. You don’t get past this. You’ve only been with him for one month & he’s already doing this? Nope, save yourself the heartache

  7. He’s 27 and still lives with his parents? And his parents pay for most of his bills? And he’s a doctor? Holy red flags, Batman!

  8. This entire post is a list of the ways you have bossed her around regarding sex. You want it more. You don't want to wear condoms, so you're making it her problem. You're criticizing her effort. You accused her of faking it. No wonder she doesn't want to have sex with you.

  9. It’s not so much about group projects, more the expectation of group study outside of lectures – course mates are likely to group up and work through problems together, and lecturers will take this into account.

  10. I left out that info mostly to be vague on the off chance she sees this but we're late 20s and dated nearly a year. We were seeing each other around this time last year but didn't date seriously until January so we didn't spend the holidays together. The gift she got me was one of those date idea things that's trending on social media's where if you're having trouble deciding on what to do on a date it randomizes and chooses for you. Definitely something more for us and her rather than me.

    Before anyone says anything, no I don't think she's hinting that we need to go on better dates, we go on a lot of fun and creative dates.

  11. >>

    Let's see, he abused and hurt you and trampled all over your boundaries, and you don't know what to do ? !!!

    You block his ass so hard they feel it in China, and you double up on the therapy so that when you start dating again you're in a better head space

  12. God damn you’re an insufferable cunt. He’s worried about her! Communication is important. Obviously she can do whatever she wants but actions have consequences. What if she had gotten hurt? What if someone took advantage of her while she was intoxicated? Especially since she’s never tried MDMA before. Stg you sound like you’re chronically online. Obviously he shouldn’t just tell her no you can’t do drugs, but maybe open up a conversation? Hey I’m worried that you took MDMA without telling me about it. I want to Mae sure you’re safe.

    Counterpoint. Would you have the same attitude if she was getting blackout drunk every week since its “her body”? The guy is worried about his girlfriend. Maybe don’t be such an entitled ass and think before you jump to conclusions.

  13. I find it weird you seem more inclined to blame your sister than your weird husband who tried to coerce a fresh adult into a sequel relationship..but alright

  14. Thanks for the context.

    To back up, I should note that I personally think porn is a non-issue generally speaking unless it negatively impacts your sex life. I tell you this so that you know I’m not coming at this with an inherent bias against porn. But the reality is that’s part of the problem because we know he gets aroused and chooses only to masturbate and never to have sex with you. That’s a legitimate problem.

    I know you’re entirely then focused on thinking you’re the problem, but you need to get out of that mindset. The problem is him. He has no desire to make a legitimate effort to make your relationship work. That’s what you need to focus on. That he simply doesn’t care. That he’s happy to just co-habitate with you as if you’re essentially roommates. He has no real reason to change either, because he’s learned there’s really no consequences for his actions. You need to change that.

    Sexual compatibility is important in a healthy relationship. It might just be one piece of a much larger puzzle, but it’s a piece nonetheless. It’s perfectly ok to want sex. It doesn’t make you a bad person. The fact that your “solution” was to open the relationship would lead me to believe that the rest of your relationship is great (which I doubt but that’s nothing but conjecture so you’ll have to tell us), so you think that getting sexual satisfaction elsewhere would make everything great.

    I’m not even here saying I’m anti-open relationships. What works for you is what works for you. That’s not up to me or anyone else to decide. I tell you this so that you know I’m not judging you for that. I am, however, judging it as it not being a legitimate solution based on the additional context.

    Doing anything with your co-worker would never have been purely physical. It would have included emotions. You don’t just want sex. You want intimacy (as you should and should expect with a partner otherwise what’s the point?). That should tell you that if you’ve raised and discussed your concerns and nothing has changed, that it’s time to start thinking about the more serious action that you’re avoiding. You want to be in a healthy monogamous relationship and you know you do. You’re not. You need to acknowledge that and start asking yourself if this is how you want to live forever, because everything you’ve been shown indicates that nothing’s going to change and you can’t just assume it will.

  15. Who the hell out gender into the mix? And I thought we were talking about the creepers here, not the victims?

    Even if you do make a mistake, it's called life.

    This sounds like you are the kind of guy who says this after a nonconsensual something-something: “oh, I didn't know you were underage and didn't want all this.. oh well, it happened already, little mistake on my side, its called life.”

    Ps. Other than all the legal shit you can do when considered an adult by the state, no one considers an 18 year old truly an adult, not themselves and not other people around

  16. Don't panic! I didn't even have my first serious relationship until I was 29 and several years removed from university.

    Dating after studying is different, and there's fewer “opportunities”, but the vast majority of student relationships don't turn into a long-term thing. Most relationships started before the age of 30 don't last.

    Also, don't worry about things like children and marriage, you can do those things well into your thirties too. It's even becoming more and more normal to do it in your forties. You have plenty of time.

  17. Everything you say is nonsense and a clear coping mechanism to make yourself feel better about not being able to live the life you want.

    You keep focusing on the hobby being a video game, that's not the issue, the hobby itself doesn't matter. Try replacing it with something you deem worthy and ask yourself if you wanted to do that thing with your friends for a few hours ONE night a week… Do you really think it would be reasonable for your spouse to not allow you to do it? If so then you need couples therapy

    Living purely for yourself rarely results is positive outcomes. Enjoy your selfish existence until you can’t. ?

    I'm gonna need evidence for this little assertion, because living my life the way I want has been pretty good and I see no end in sight. What exactly do you think will happen to stop me enjoying my life?

    Let me ask you this, what are your hobbies? Do you have any?

  18. First, I agree with some others in reminding you that you two are performing sexual activity and in a sexual relationship. These religious loopholes are ridiculous. You two shouldn't be performing sex acts on each other if the plan is to save all that until after marriage.

    So from the start, she's already lying to herself. Now, she's lying to you – either about how she feels or what really happened.

    If you do not plan to save yourself for marriage, then go and date a nice girl who feels the same way. If you do, then have some integrity and don't fuxk around before you're married.

    I'm not trying to sound too judgemental, but you can't have it both ways. I would leave this relationship no matter what because this is a big deal and you can't trust each other any more.

  19. This is rape , you did not consent and tried to stop her. Leave her immediately and get try to get it documented. Either a coins oler, support group, PCP, police your pick. Stay away from that thing. It’s rape If need be try and get in contact with a sexual assault hotline if you have issues or need someone who will understand to talk to like RAINN.

  20. I am sad to see all the people claiming the problem is you. If the woman does not see the long-term goals you are focused on, explain that to her and move on.

  21. There are a billion theories.

    You have no idea what one is right. Neither do I.

    I have my opinion on all the evidence given. That's it.

    If you don't believe it's right. Good for you. That doesn't change anything in my life.

    All I know is what I would do. And if that's different from you. I couldn't care any less. We are different people. That's just how life works.

  22. He definitely needs to be there when he has his son. I remember when mine was a baby and that flood of protective horrormones is no joke. Any and all threats are magnified. Not saying she overreacted, although a possibility, but Daddy need to buckle down and be Daddy! Not just “throw his hands Up! And they stay there!” (Just in case. That’s a song reference) Seriously, give up on your son, what would make her think he wouldn’t give up on HER baby 15 years from now if it got unpleasant?

  23. I don't think you should say a word. I think you should shut the fuck up and listen to what he has to say. Not just listen, but actually HEAR him. Don't argue. Don't make excuses. Don't defend yourself. Just listen.

    And, whatever you do, do NOT, under any circumstances whatsoever, bring your daughter with you.

  24. Didn’t even read it all, but NOPE DO NOT DO THIS I PROMISE YOU you will most likely be 3rd wheeled alllllll the time. He’s going to end up leaving you for her I PROMISE

  25. They also stated, “and then by a superior at work as an adult who drove me close to suicide…”

    Maybe read the entire comment first.

  26. Your demand is way out of line. You want to delete his life history. FB is the de facto photo album for many of us now. Would you be okay with him demanding that you burn all your baby photos because you're with him now, not your mom? The C word is ugly but honestly your request is a screaming-red-flag breakup-worthy offense, so you got off easy. Sorry, that's the truth.

  27. Problem being with that, is no one will hire her because of multiple felonies. She is surviving off of us and begging other family for money.

  28. This is a sickening response. People are lonely and frequently depressed, searching for a human connection and get this from a so called human like you. I am sure there are better ways to handle it.

  29. I was setting down the phone to go to bed when I read the title. There was no way I wasn't reading this.

  30. It’s not her money and her assumptions are wild and insane. I’d worry about that.

    At the same time, what you have is a lot of fucking money. YOU HAVE $24,000,000. That’s not “some money in the bank”. That is the bank.

    She is way out of line. But your attitude to money is a waste. Squirrelled away creating no pleasure. And that’s a shame.

  31. And my point is that it was controlling of you to make him promise in the first place. You are the main problem here.

  32. Noo i don't think it's creepy at all as long as your interaction with them isn't based on a power play/predatory behavior. But this in and of itself, purely for friendship and having fun, is not creepy at all. Live your life! And i think your case is better than my roommate, actually.

    A little rant: I, a 22 year old, only currently live with one other guy who's 40 years old. Has a pretty cushy tech career which most of the time he works from home. But the thing is, he has very little friends, no partner, nor kids, and he told me he doesn't need the rent money but that he just likes to live with somebody. Me and my boyfriend guessed that it's because he's lonely. Which is pretty sad. But here comes the creepy part. He always insists in going out to bars together to hang out or watch a movie in the living room. Now this in itself is probably normal in a roommate/friendship situation. But the thing is, he's made several advances towards me like “playfully” touching me which made me super uncomfortable and also tries to get me to drink his homemade cocktails several times (he's a self-proclaimed “alcohol elixir master”) even though I've told him no on every ocassion except once in the beginning. After i drank what he made, it made me super incorrigible drunk super quick, which made me suspicious because I've never reacted to alcohol this way.

    On top of that, regarding little things around the house, he's very controlling and just nonsense. Like, not giving me my own key to my room because “as a roommate we should have a base line of trust with each other” so he lets his door unlocked always and i never get to lock mine. But yo, i don't even know you and it's for my own protection but noooo. And when he bought hundreds of euros worth of induction stove and a small oven to “save on money and electricity” (i live in europe and we do have a price surge in those ressource areas) even though we already have one of each in the kitchen that aren't even using that much electricity anyways. And lots of other things that he's very anal about. But since he's the “main renter” of the apartment, i can't really do anything or he'll call the cops on me like he did on his last roommate ?

    So, yeah. If it's a guy like that, then it's a MAJOR red flag of Power play

  33. Your husband should be in your corner. He should be your partner who respects your boundaries and lifts you up when you're feeling small and weak. He shouldn't be making you feel small and weak in the face of your trauma.

    I'd say it's time to free yourself from this man. He should be helping you. Instead he wants to hurt you. and he doesn't care that he's hurting you, he expects you to put up with it so he gets what he wants.

    Literally fuck him. What a cruel piece of crap. You deserve better than that. You deserve someone who shields you from your hurt. Someone who actually cares.

  34. Is it causing a financial problem? Is she gaining weight and complaining about it? While it doesn’t sound healthy per say, it isn’t fully your place. Maybe she’s stressed about something and is eating to cope. Maybe she has a hormone imbalance and the extra sugar is giving her energy that she’s not fueling properly.

    Maybe approach this from a household point of view of trying to be more aware of food and health. For instance, buy her a popcorn maker and kernels. It doesn’t need much oil at all to pop and has way less crap than the bags of popcorn. Find a recipient or a high protein high fiber cookie and ask her to try making that instead.

  35. Even if the person lived there because of a relationship and the relationship has ended? And also: try kicking her out, she may not go the legal route of trying for squatters rights

  36. This is ridiculous, you had a bad headache. You greeted the woman, there was no obligation for you to be perky. All she had to do was tell friend that you were not feeling well. Done and dusted. She's making a big deal out of nothing.

  37. Your wife has decided that she wants the 10 year marriage to end, plans to agree with you to retain primary custody of her children and move away with them. As far as marriage ambitions go, the two of you are no longer compatible. The marriage is over and she will not change her mind. Do not try to persuade, plead or threaten her into changing her decision. Doing so will only antagonise her and give her lawyers grounds for branding you uncooperative or something a lot worse.

    Focus on getting amicably divorced this year so that the two of you can calmly coparent your children together with minimal disruption and distress to the children. So that they will be able to have a happy childhood where they retain a positive relationship with both their parents, no matter where they are living or which parent mostly has physical custody.

    Make an appointment to see a specialist local lawyer with a lot of experience in divorce cases where young children are involved. Frankly discuss your ambitions, finances and the options that you are open to considering as regards child support, custody and asset division.

    Good luck!

  38. Sounds like lots of resentment from both sides. You are not entitled to use her body to incubate your seed. If she has a child to placate you she will hate you and the child will suffer.

    Time to move on.

  39. You have to be the one to break up.

    Simply say ” I am just not feeling it anymore, we need to stop.” “Goodbye and have a happy and successful life”. Dont let him argue with you, end the call

    Then stop talking to him. Block if you have too.

  40. Yeah I thought about it but I didn't want to come off like all cops were bad and could never have relationships. I already come off that way about age gaps. It's definitely part of the pattern here though, just like the age gap is.

  41. Health issues / mental health issues are not the sufferers fault, but they ARE their responsibility. Whatever this is, it is affecting his and your quality of life, so he must take steps to proactively fix it. If sounds bother him, he needs loop earplugs. If he’s fallen into a manipulative pattern, he needs therapy, and it’s up to him to get it. Sit him down, explain where you’re at, tell him you need him to get to the bottom of why, and work to make life more liveable for both of you.

  42. When we’re in long distance relationships, the time we spend with our partners is invaluable to us.

    I can understand how you’re feeling as someone who has been in a long distance relationship, personally. I would’ve hoped your last night together would’ve been a special date night, not a him going and partying with someone else night.

    I would probably put that to him, personally. If my husband had done something like this back when we were long distance, I would probably have emotionally checked out.

    If you want him to know exactly how you feel, you could always just show him this post.

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