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Mary, 24 y.o.


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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. I don’t know if you can see but no one is thinking about your or considering your struggles. Your man, that should supposedly have your back is asking you to contribute to something he could well cover with his eyes closed. You’re soo important that he wants you to attend a family holiday but not enough to support you financially? Why are are you putting yourself through this? You might as well be single and struggle financially and emotionally by yourself. At least you know you’re 100% alone than having a ghost partner that has no empathy or sympathy towards you.

  2. Yeah you have a very good point. From the way I understand it, his line is drawn where dating goes to become being a couple

  3. Sounds like a lovely woman with a big heart…tell her how you feel about her or better yet pick up a Christmas card and let her know that way. Why end it?

  4. We have been dating for 15 months now and I really think this guy is the one I want to marry.

    Clearly not ready for marriage if you are afraid to communicate with him.

  5. He remembers it, she doesn't, he's talking about how he always wanted her.

    No that sounds like she was upset and drinking with someone she trusted and he got her hammered and raped her. That's is exactly what that sounds like.

  6. Three babies in 4 years? I'm thinking that he's overwhelmed with the reality of his current life and wants an escape, and acting is literally like being someone else for a while.

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