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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. We dated for 4 years. I was about 19, the same as her. She ended up having sex with my friend and found out through another friend, and she admitted it. I broke it off, and at the time, I was living with our mutual friends. Three months later, I was at a show come to find out she had sex on my bed while I was at this show. (my friends threw a party and she attended). It made me realize how cruel girls can be. That relationship was stable and nothing was going wrong. She just out of the blue had sex with my friend. This is why I acquire the trust issues I never had before. I wasn’t planning on meeting this current girlfriend of mine we just started talking at a show recently, and I realized how compatible we are and instantly fell for her.

  2. You will be fine my friend. Leave her. I understand the thought of being alone may feel worse but being alone is better than not being respected. You’ll find someone that respects you do not worry.

  3. Well, it sounds to me like your choice is already made then, right? You look certain you can't convince him to make his family behave and having to deal with more of them (3h40 ain't that far away) fills you with dread. You know you've done what you could -without betraying yourself- to have a good relationship with them and it didn't work, and you don't see yourself dealing with a lifetime of that bullshit, of getting shunned and insulted, of having to worry of what they may say to your children about you when they'll visit their grandparents without you (or worse, with you). To me, it doesn't look like you believe there's a solution, but instead like your decision is already made and you're just psyching yourself up to break up with him.

  4. Terrible mother. Terrible person.

    He must be a saint for wanting to speak with you or have an urgent need for documentation.

    You ignored him in favour of your kiddie squeeze and have happily set up a new family. Kid is going to learn some very hard lessons about their mother that your son already knows. You and you son against the world… you threw your son away for barely legal dick.

    You say nothing until he tells you what he wants. You owe him his time after all you squandered on his supposed friend. Give it to him and hopefully he can go on with his life.

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