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  1. No. I am telling you to be weary of your own desires and how many of them a guy must meet to be worthy of your time. Being picky is in your nature because you want the best mate possible. We all do. But you do need to recognize that the more stipulations you put on this theoretical dream guy, the more likely he is going to remain “just a dream.” Everyone wants, it just becomes a question of whether you can find someone who wants to be what you want and whether this person you want desires you back.

  2. She didn't really do many chores at home – neither did I. A lot of it is anxiety based on her end, which I try to be understanding of, whilst also trying to defend myself when I feel I've been treated unfairly (because having anxiety doesn't give someone a free pass).

    We've communicated about it a bunch, and we seem to resolve it only for something like this to occur again in couple of weeks.

    I've asked her to make more direct requests, as a commenter said below I think for BOTH of us being more direct would've helped here. I feel like if she wants the bowls loaded now, then I'd really rather her say that as opposed to a broad hint that indicates there isn't a preferred time frame, which is pretty much what I ran with.

    Sometimes I wake up and do shit that needs doing immediately, sometimes I leave it for a while. I prefer to be 'flexible' in that regard, but yes I do see what you mean.

    Thanks for your input!

  3. Tell your sister that she will always have a place in your life, and when she’s 18, if she wants she is welcome to leave them and stay with you.

    And cut your parents out of your life completely.

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