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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. It is definitely cheating.

    Personally, I would consider a one time drunk/medicsted heat of the moment cheat to be maybe forgivable. The fact that he fessed up almost immediately would be a point in his favour.

    But it's up to you whether you can move past it. If you cant trust him anymore then the relationship is over.

  2. I said I physically cannot have sex with him because looking at the stache dries me tf up. Also I didn’t call HIM creepy I called his mustache creepy. People seem to have a difficult time with that distinction here.

  3. A successful Marriage is a partnership. Where she is weak he is supposed to be strong, and where he is weak she had to step up.

    This is obviously incredibly stressful to her dealing with her family. He should give her cover. He should step up and take the hit for both of them.

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