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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. If it's in your name, she doesn't contribute to renovations, maintenance, taxes, mortgage. She helps pay utilities and possibly a set “rent” toward the home.

    Consider a prenuptial. To lay out the house

  2. That sounds really toxic, I’m sorry.

    But on the other hand, if she going away anyway, why not have the discussion? Tell her that she needs to be willing to discuss this when she gets back? If she’s going away anyway, may as well hit two birds with one stone.

    Saying this ‘is how she deals’ with confrontation is generous. From an outside perspective, it seems pretty manipulative.

  3. Honestly it seems this job opportunity is a good way to get out of an already doomed relationship. Are you comfortable with her conditions? Sexual incompatibility is pretty major and definitely is the type of thing that will lead to resentment later.

    You need to decide what is best for you first then inform her if your decision is to take the job. Trying to reason through it with her won’t work because she’s very clear on how she feels.

  4. This is all really good advice, OP. His words triggered your reaction. He wasn’t saying you were a pia in anger or frustration. He was teasing. When words trigger you, try not to spiral into hurt and retreat. You may feel hurt and want to retreat, but that isn’t healthy. Tell him “what you just said really hurts me.” And then talk to him about it. You may be able to de escalate in the moment next time. For now, recognize that being hurt in a moment when no hurt was intended may be pain from old hurts. But do make him aware when you are hurt without escalating to a retreat. Address the problem without creating a bigger one.

  5. I’m here! Two kids. I was doing my masters work in the hospital recovering from a C-Section. I also work full time.

  6. Thats really childish. If you dont want to get married especially without prenuptial then dont do it. This decision should be mutually agreed on. Not something only you compromise on. A prenuptial has nothing to do with trust.

    Stand your ground here. If shes really willing to end things because she wont agree to a prenuptial then maybe thats for the best. Dont rush into marriage. Did she say why shes so insistent on this?

  7. This man laughs at her when she asks him to help with the house work. He is rude-maybe if she wasn't having to do everything in the house on top of being a student a having a job, she'd be more able to lose weight.

  8. You'd be surprised how often i've heard this accusation from an addict of someone “trying to control them”. It's hard to understand that she's not aware she has a drinking problem if she's regularly drinking to the point of vomiting.

    How would she feel if you started going on vacation for 10-15 days with a female friend, especially if you ignore her and never calls or answers your gf?

  9. Where to start.

    Oh I know.

    You slept with a woman who had a BF and was a co-worker. You screwed up so many ways there is no easy out.

    Stop seeing her. Ghost her. Quit your job. Move to new town (better yet new state and best of all new country).

    Or continue and marry her.

  10. Plenty of people make it work with age and cultural differences, granted that can add layers of challenge to a relationship, but those can be managed.

    This doesn't sound like that. This sounds like someone being a jerk and treating you like a kid. He wants to control the topics you discuss with friends because he spends money on you? Wtf is that about. And then points 4 5, and 6, among others.

    Just sounds like a straight up selfish person if all of this is true as presented. I'm not gonna tell anyone to break up because I don't know all the details, but I think if this relationship is to be successful it's time to have a serious discussion and start setting some hard boundaries.

  11. I mean he’s giving them the truth and they are making the choice to cut you off too because they’ve come to the conclusion: “hm if this guy can screw over his childhood best friend, how could I ever trust that he wont do the same to me? I dont want to be friends with a bad person.”

    If you don’t want to be a social outcast, try not being an asshole.

  12. So many people are brainwashed. But, it’s a bliss I’m jealous of. On the small level one person thinking we aren’t being lied to isn’t that big of a deal and in my opinion wouldn’t let me break up with some one. But, the way the world is so divided it seems impossible for a democratic to date a republican but I feel like it is possible as long as both people are respectful to the other’s opinion. But rarely people respect others opinions and it turns into a larger issue then it really is. In my opinion I think you should reconcile with them and anything you guys disagree on should be a calm conversation helping the other with positive information about the subject instead of damn your wrong blah blah blah. Life is short and I know how difficult it is to find a partner you actually get along with and respect, I don’t throw people like that away lightly. A small break up doesn’t mean it has to be over, sometimes a little bit of space is good to think it over because I’m sure they miss you too and sometimes you gotta be the humble one. I wish you the best, what works for me may not work for everyone so my opinion on this is just my opinion.

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