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  1. In this day and age of DNA tests done just for the fun of it, the truth will come out eventually. If you want to know if this is your child and get to know your kid before they are an adult then you need to pursue this now. Get an attorney. But if you are okay with not being apart of their life then so be it. But one day that kid will know if the dad that raised them is not their dad and that is going to cause hurt and angry feelings. Plus if they find out you knew it was a possibility that you were their dad and did nothing that could cause them to be hurt and angry too.

  2. Why is your first thought that you’re being set up, and not that your wife thinks this might be fun? If you’ve attended sex shows and strip clubs in the past, this doesn’t seem like a super huge leap to me. Unless there’s something else going on in your marriage it seems outrageous to assume your wife has ulterior motives.

    Just have a conversation about it. “Hey, honey, let’s talk about this party tonight. I’m a little concerned about the interactive aspect of it. What are you envisioning for the night?” You don’t need to turn it into a fight by just imagining things that probably aren’t there.

  3. Girls on girl's laps, guys on guy's laps, girls on guy's laps and guys on girl's laps. But by no means is OP's girlfriend sitting in this guy's lap. Sitting suuuper close and leaning on him? Yes. But I sit on one of my guy friends JUST like that and my fiance doesn't care one bit.

  4. Is it worth reaching out (after a month or so) to apologize and try to have a conversation?

    No. Leave him alone. It's utterly disrespectful to read someone's personal journal without their permission. You fucked up.

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